With a vintage dress and shoes from Kate’s favorite brand: Here’s how Prince William’s alleged boyfriend looked at King Carlos III’s coronation people | Entertainment

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton represent the most popular British royal couple today and during the coronation of King Charles III of England, the future monarchs caused a sensation with their appearance and their incredible outfits.

Besides him, one of the people who stood out in this unique event in the history of the 21st century was Rose Hanbury, whose name appeared in various media for being the alleged lover of the new heir to the throne.

And it is that the Marquess of Cholmondeley flashed in front of the press wearing a vintage piece, which was the work of Ossie Clark, the famous British couturier of the 60s.

– Britain’s Prince William, Prince of Wales (L) and Britain’s Catherine, Princess of Wales (C). (Photo by Ben Birchall/Pool/AFP)
Pic:- Ben Birchall

Prince William’s alleged boyfriend wears Kate Middleton’s favorite brand

Her clothing consisted of a midi-cut skirt with a high waist, a blouse with a long bow at the neck, and volume-decreasing sleeves with black stripes.

Who is Rose Hanbury? Prince William’s alleged lover is a friend of Kate’s, was a model and has many controversial secrets about her life

Without a doubt, Hanbury stood out during the coronation ceremony with this dress, which is one of Kate Middleton’s favorite brands, as Vanity Fair points out.

It’s no surprise that the Princess of Wales is a fan of the late Ossie Clark, as he dressed iconic women like Twiggy, Marianne Faithfull and Bianca Jagger.

The marquise didn’t stop there though and paired her outfit with Kate’s favorite pair of shoes, some bow tie pump firm aquazura’s in black

Her headdress, made of a huge headband and a net to cover her face, was also black, in addition, she wore luxurious earrings with pearls, a flower brooch and a ring with an amethyst.

What is a “super-injunction”? The royal family’s law that erased Prince William’s infidelity with Kate Middleton from the British media

Despite the fact that Rose Hanbury is believed to be the alleged lover of Prince William, some media say that these are only rumors, as she and Kate Middleton remain friends.


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