“With Ben Affleck there was no attraction”

During his hosting on The Drew Barrymore Show on the pages of Entertainment Weekly, Sienna Miller told some background of his career. In particular, the actress returned to the time of filming de The Law of the Nightfilm directed by Ben Affleck which unfortunately proved to be a real failure at the box office. Here’s what he said.

According to Miller, while she had good experience working on the project, the onscreen romantic chemistry between her and Affleck left largely to be desired. “Ben Affleck was like my brother [sul set]Miller said. “I have never laughed so much in my life. Sounds like a very ridiculous thing to say it seems like I’m mentioning a famous name just for show but I mean it“.

We had zero chemistry. It was an absurd situation“Miller added.”We were supposed to be in love but we couldn’t be less attracted to each other which was hysterical. He has a huge head, I have a small one, so they had to kind of put me slightly in front of him… and he directed the film and I could barely watch it because I was laughing all the time“.

Some time ago, Ben Affleck explained why he really wanted to shoot The Law of the Night, the intention was to make a classic Warner of yesteryear: “Having had success with Argo, I leveraged that. They made me choose what he wanted and I chose. I wanted to make a classic Warner film“.

They say you have to have x, y and z to make money in the movie business“, Affleck added. “You have to have someone wearing a cape, for example. While I have nothing against movies with people wearing capes – I’m a huge fan of capes – I don’t think we should limit ourselves to that genre“.

On these pages you can find the review of La Legge della Notte. About Affleck, you have already seen Deep water? What do you think of the chemistry with Ana De Armas instead?

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