With its “Guest Mode” you can lend your Apple Vision Pro to anyone you want

Apple’s Vision Pro glasses cost (almost) a fortune, but at least you can show them off by lending them to any friend, thanks to guest mode that allows them to use them without an account or pairing.

With its
These are Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s innovative mixed reality glasses.

Now official: new Apple Vision Pro glasses are available for purchase February 2 next year in the United States At least initially, the suggested price for a single version with 256 GB of storage is $3,499. The rest of the world will have to wait longer.

Anyway, in addition to price and availability, we have something to do with Innovative mixed reality glasses 3D movies from the Cupertino manufacturer will be provided by Disney, with some apps providing content for them from the start, note, “Guest Mode” This will give us “Show off” your glasses to friends and lend them out without worryno need to link accounts or other settings.

The news was posted a few hours ago by colleagues at The Verge and is not trivial as many potential buyers are They are worried about problems due to the need to link multiple accounts Even within a home, every user has one and faces all the problems this brings.I don’t even think about it anymore External users, friends, or people we just want to leave try it.

Apple wants anyone to be able to quickly and easily try Vision Pro without using an Optic ID, and to do so it will enable guest mode through which we can lend its new (and very expensive) mixed reality glasses to others , without worrying about our apps and private data.

This news is official from Apple, so in this case We don’t talk about leaks and possibilities, we talk about realityespecially the reference Products that seem to be from the future but are now very closein fact there are only two weeks left.

The company is led by Tim Cook There are not many options for specifying this “Guest Mode”except it will actually allow people who are not registered on the device Try apps and experiences without complicated setup No need to wait long.You do not need to identify yourself by Optical ID cardaccording to Apple, they will be able to enjoy “Part of the Application”.

North American manufacturers themselves Confirmed that this feature is 100% safe For owners, because when this guest option is activated Glasses will not allow you to configure or access Apple IDpasswords, Apple Pay or health data, and any private information registered on the device.

so that, Obviously we can provide them with While we still have misgivings about them, they won’t be purely “personal” devices VisionOS and its possibilitieswe have to wait until February 2 next year to draw conclusions Tell you everything you need to know about these Vision Pros So much is promised.

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