With “Juice,” Lizzo calls for acceptance of ourselves as we are

2019, Greta Thunberg challenges the greats of this world on the ecological emergency, a billion people use Instagram every month and Lizzo extols its beauty in this song: “Juice”,

Lizzo, in 2019, is a 31-year-old woman, two albums, no success… and determination: “I played in a marching band, I rock, I dance, I’m like Chardonnay, I just get better with time.”

The “juice” that gives the song its title is Lizzo’s superpower, the confidence she radiates,

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This song is a call to accept yourself the way you are. And she is a woman, black, fat, and open to all sexualities. ,What I represent is not new, but it seems new, because It’s not ideal.”

,“Mirror, my beautiful mirror, don’t tell me I’m beautiful, I already know that.” — and today, the mirror is called Instagram, even the billions of mirrors that hold a competition to see who will be the prettiest, best Golly. And that’s where Lizzo comes into her own, Without apology, and with joy.

For the cover of her record, she chooses to pose nude. Lizzo, a new icon far beyond the Insta phenomenon.

The press of the last century dedicates it: the year of “Juice”, Time magazine puts it in one. ,The space that I occupy is not just mine, it belongs to every 300 pound black girl,

If Lizzo breaks shackles in music, this is it. She loves everything and without any hierarchy, Missy Elliott as Tchaikovsky. She was studying to become a concert performer with her transverse flute when she decided to get into hip-hop.

So Lizzo’s equation is: being yourself + self-mockery – guilt = unlimited joy!


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