With Neon Lace in the Bra, Chiquis Rivera Flirts and Seduces the Gaze

In selfie-type photography the singer, Chiquis Rivera exposed all her charm and left a flirtatious lace on display that frames an unparalleled beauty

With a lot of styles, the daring singer of Mexican regional music has caused a stir through social networks by sharing with everyone a moment that was unforgettable because she shows off an irresistible beauty in that seductive garment.

Showing her striking front in a flirty fluorescent lace braChiquis Rivera unleashed a wave of heated comments, among which the compliments and compliments to that beauty that she leaves exposed stand out.

It was impossible that her loyal admirers did not react to so many charms, and it is that the famous captured the moment in a selfie-type photograph that revealed those enormous attributes, which were the great sensation.

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To give the moment a more seductive touch, Chiquis Rivera wears large dark glasses in that risky pose, she left in sight that intrepid front that has everyone observing the image more than once so as not to lose detail since she owns a Curvy figure that leaves everyone speechless.

Undoubtedly, this image with a summer look takes sighs and delights the pupil of those who circulates through their social networks, since it was their fans who shared the daring moment in which the famous woman exhibits great curves.

The businesswoman also has a plus-size figure that makes everyone restless and is that each that appears manages to show off and expose her to perfection. She is very clear on how to pamper the Internet users who follow her.

The images and videos shared by the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera are always stalked by users since she publishes unforgettable moments for everyone in which the great protagonist is her enviable beauty.

Despite not having a body with perfect measurements, Chiquis does not allow herself to be overshadowed and her voluptuous wholesale charm highlights. You can see the security and confidence that you have. In recent days she has been unleashed, giving away postcards that will melt anyone.

Undoubtedly, the imposing figure of the interpreter of the hit ‘Overtime’ unleashed the madness and caused her fans to be inspired and wrote loving and passionate messages, which I can already read next to the publication made by her fan club. 


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