With nothing there! Natti Natasha can see everything and really!


Natti Natasha fans are very aware of her Instagram account. Nobody wants to lose what their next move will be. And is that the singer has not stopped at these Christmas holidays.

The girl fled the cold and left to spend these days in Puerto Rico. From there she posted several snapshots on her Instagram account, in which she appeared from wetting her feet in a pool to sailing on a yacht, always enjoying the good weather in the Central American country.

From Puerto Rico to Peru

But there was more. Last week she changed the Puerto Rican sea to that of Peru. And from there she returned to give away another snapshot to her followers, again taking a boat trip.

But her fans are not bored while they wait. Quite the opposite. They have a lot to comment on the networks. For example, the snapshot that the singer Kodeina hung on her Instagram account in which she poses with Natti Natasha and that was taken during the stay of the celebrity in Puerto Rico.

Natti Natasha teaches everything

An image in which Natti sports a combination of the most daring. Showing the upper part of her underwear, and with torn and fallen pants that expose everything underneath, the artist has made her fans and rappers crazy.

And like all of them, we will be attentive to Natasha’s next appearance on the networks. Will you dare with a similar model? Or will it still be able to raise the bar a little more?



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