With super tight outfits! Scarlett Johansson will be the prettiest protagonist of the cinema. Look!

Scarlett is part of the new Marvel movie.

Scarlett Johansson has been attending this year a few red carpets of the premieres of all the tapes in which she has participated, impacting each one with her outfits.

Although now the American actress is in the trends of social networks for her role as the “black widow”, the next Marvel movie.

To play this superhero Scarlett dressed in the most daring clothes, which made her the centre of attention. Latex garments tight to your figure are the ones the star uses the most.

The movie will hit theatres in May 2020, while Johansson’s fans are eager to see his talent and his charms on the big screen.

On her role, the 35-year-old interpreter commented: “I think they will learn about what Natasha fears, and I think they will learn about which parts of herself are scary. You really see her in a rather crumbling place, and she has to recover, ”creating even more intrigue around the character.

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