with the facility with over sixty thousand seats there is also a park

It will have more seats than the plant planned in Tor di Valle. And it will not be linked to the construction of a shopping center. The information that leaks about the stadium that the Friedkin family wants to build in Pietralata is part of the vision of a “green, sustainable and integrated with the territory” facility.

A Champions League final facility

Around sixty-one thousand seats are available to the public, capable of being increased to sixty-five thousand. So much more than the project linked to the previous Giallorossi property. More than sixty thousand seats means that the facility is also able to host events of the highest sporting profile, such as a Champions League final that Uefa usually hosts in stadiums of that capacity.

How to get to the stadium

Much less numerous are the places available for cars. The feasibility study that the Giallorossi Pietro Berardi delivered to the mayor, includes four thousand, to be carried out through a multi-storey car park. Fans will therefore have to try to reach the stadium, if the project is not modified, especially by using public transport, which is not lacking in the area anyway. In fact, in the vicinity of the area destined for the new stadium, there are four metro B stops (Tiburtina, Quintiliani, Monti Tiburtini, Piazza Bologna) plus the Tiburtina railway station.

A park and no shopping center

With a view to creating a “green” stadium, the Friedkin family intends to create a park of about 6 hectares, in which to plant at least three thousand trees. Inside, there would also be a playground that should be agreed with the municipality and with the needs of the territory, the municipality V. The construction of a cavea, suitable for hosting concerts, is also planned. The stadium will therefore occupy 14 of the 30 hectares of the so-called SDO area and, in the surrounding area, it is planned to carry out activities for “food and drink”. Restaurants, yes, but no shopping centers.

The development of the area

The stadium, recalled the city planning councilor Maurizio Veloccia on the sidelines of the delivery of the new project, “will constitute the hinge between the new Tiburtina station and the area owned by Ferrovie, and all the works to which the Capitoline administration is working including the large university campus of the La Sapienza University and the Rome Technopole which will be built with Pnrr funds. All within an environmental system that will be totally reconfigured and which will allow to combine development, sport, culture and public green “.

The next steps

Having received the feasibility study, the mayor promised to immediately start the services conference on the project, which could be announced in the coming weeks. Its conclusion is expected within 90 days, then the project will arrive at the Capitoline assembly to approve the relative resolution on the public interest, as required by the law on stadiums.

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