With the Hidden Little Thong Danna Paola Puts Her Charm on Display

The Mexican singer exposes beyond her curves and allows herself to be caressed by the sun’s rays, revealing that very hidden little thong

With an irreverence that has rarely been seen, the beautiful Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola showed off all her splendor on social networks and caused a stir by showing a great body with her panties well hidden in front of everyone.

And it is that the famous pop music, has become a revelation in the digital media because very used to seeing her as a young actress in children’s soap operas, now she already boasts of tiny beach suits with a size much smaller than the had seen.

It was through her official Instagram account that Danna Paola shared a series of postcards and videos in which she had the luxury of showing off her body at 25 years of age, because without a bit of regret she put on the blue swimsuit for two Most beautiful pieces that you found and of striking size, to model in front of the camera lens.

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So in a daring upside-down position and on a cot on the seashore on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain, the Mexican relaxed her charm, and what better way to do it than with a very hidden swimsuit, letting Its splendor will be fully visible in the foreground.

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As expected, her fervent fans were shocked to see the beauty of the actress with her curves more in the air than ever, so that in less than a rooster crows she had already reached more than 2,250,000 reactions. ‘likes’ in the shape of red hearts.

In addition to comments in which the emojis of ‘fueguito’ and of hearts could not be missing to show the interpreter of ‘Oye Pablo’ how much they support her.

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