“With the stories I play I hope to help people heal”

During a new interview granted to Vogue Italia, Zendaya spoke openly about her choice to become an actress and confessed that she felt very proud that her portrayal of Rue in the acclaimed series Euphoria helped several people with their personal problems. Euphoria will return with Season 3.

Zendaya was praised for her emotionally raw portrayal of Rue in the second season of the show. The actress was able to realistically grasp the difficulties of those suffering from an addiction and the impact this has on themselves and their loved ones. This fight escalated in the middle of the season, when Rue went into withdrawal, lashed out violently at her mother, and ran away from those closest to her. For many it was a scene that reflected traumatic moments in their life or of people they knew.

The 25-year-old actress said she felt “incredibly lucky“when he learned that people were related to Rue and her other roles.

Sometimes I feel a little stupid being an actress. Because it’s like I’m using fiction for a living, which may sound ridiculous, but then I remember the stories I’m telling and the reasons behind it. Especially recently, with Euphoria, I’ve had so many people reaching out to me to share their experiences of connecting with the show, in the sense of loss or addiction or bereavement or mental illness and their struggles with that. People find their points of contact with these characters that I feel incredibly blessed to embody and in this they feel very connected to me and have been able to heal and grow and learn and repair parts of their past, and that is invaluable to me. It gives me purpose“.

According to Jason Prestley, Euphoria is a modern version of Beverly Hills 90210, do you agree with him?

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