With these words Mioduski humiliated Michniewicz. Thick allegations. The president of Legia lacked the Football class

Dariusz Mioduski cannot be denied. During the greatest crisis, he met with fans on Twitter to explain the most pressing issues, incl. the issue of sports director Radosław Kucharski – “He is honest, competent, has an eye for footballers, but also has a communication problem, for which I scold him from time to time because I piss myself off”; disastrous results in the league – “90 percent are the fault of the previous coaching staff”; attempts to download Marek Papszun – “I spoke out publicly because there were too many rumors about this topic, there were agents’ games that destabilized the club. I wanted to cut it”; or parting with Czesław Michniewicz – “There was no trust and communication with the sports director. There was too much in standing training.”

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Legend of the Legion unequivocally: He is guilty of chaos. “It’s not a catastrophe. It’s a scandal.”

So it was both honest and political. Sometimes it is fine, sometimes very hard and straightforward. Twitter rooms are a new tool, the ground is still uncertain, the club has no control over it. And yet the owner of Legia did not run away. At the peak, over 6,000 people listened to him. people. Fans, journalists, footballers, coaches. Anyone could ask to speak for two hours. Dariusz Mioduski was patient, firm and very self-confident. At times, his response was even bravado.

Bartosz KapustkaDariusz Mioduski revealed the future of Kapustka in Legia. “One-sided option”

No changes in Legia – the previous coach is always to blame

There was a lack of class mainly when he mentioned Czesław Michniewicz. So quite often, because the topic of the former coach came back every time it was necessary to explain the 16th place at the halfway point of the league and the mess inside the club. One could get the impression that if you asked Dariusz Mioduski about the causes of global warming, he would also point to Michniewicz out of habit. After all, he failed in almost everything.

I have a diagnosis of what happened and who is responsible for it. 90 percent of it is the training staff that was in Legia

In a word: no changes in Legia – the previous coach is always to blame. It is best if – like Vuković and Michniewicz – there is still a payroll, so he must remain silent. The owner of the Legia assured him that he was self-critical, he threw a few curses spectacularly, talking about sports director Radosław Kucharski, but each time he had to explain specific mistakes, he returned to Michniewicz. And he blamed him unscrupulously. Your own mistakes? Yes, they were, for example when selecting coaches. But they only resulted from enormous ambition and hatred of failure. So you can forgive.

There was no communication between the coach and the sporting director when building the team. As for Michniewicz, the reality was a bit different than what the media presented. The coach did not come with specific concepts for the players’ game profile. He just said he wanted mobile players. But what does it mean mobile? Everyone wants mobile. This is not a sufficient description of what you want. Michniewicz was actually very passive in these things. Only after our light brawl at the beginning of this season, where his complaints about the lack of reinforcements appeared in the media, was the first time an e-mail was actually sent to Radek Kucharski with six positions on which he would see reinforcements

Making transfers is very difficult. Confidentiality is key, and we had a case of one or two transfers where, after consulting the coach, the names of the players appeared on the market and we were losing those transfers. Coach Michniewicz swore that the information did not come from him. However, they appeared in the media with which he is friends. It caused distrust

Since initially Michniewicz’s only requirement was broadly understood mobility, then with what right did Ihor Charatin, a footballer who could be said, but not mobile, got into the Legia? How was Lirim Kastrati to shine in the team, according to the owner of Legia – the fastest footballer in Europe, since he works mainly in counterattacks, and Legia, dominating the vast majority of Polish teams, rarely has the opportunity to bring them out? And finally, when was Michniewicz supposed to introduce all these new players to the team, since most of them came at the end of the window, after the training camp? First, after the fact, he had to meet Yuri Ribeiro like that at all, because he had come to know about his arrival. In the name of caution and tightness, of course.

Marek Papszun and Dariusz MioduskiShocking! President Mioduski surprises during the live program. “It’s the first time”

Czesław Michniewicz did everything wrong, but in the match against Spartak Moscow you have to play “such Michniewicz”

Last season, the team won the Polish championship, but since the match against Pogoń Szczecin they have played poorly. This is confirmed by all the statistics. We couldn’t score goals. It was only possible thanks to the extraordinary form of Tomas Pekhart and the two swingers who had a very good year

There was no individualization of training, no communication on how to prepare the team to play on three fronts. This was how we acted before. We had Łukasz Bortnik who prepared the team very well physically in the previous two years, but he was released. The guy was brought [prof. Zbigniewa Jastrzębskiego – red.]who didn’t know what he was doing. There was too much translation and standing in training, no finalization training, no transition training, and no compensatory training. Today all players are in shape

The class is missing in these statements. We are still talking about the coach, who was the first in years to be promoted to the European cups, and previously won the Polish championship. Meanwhile, Mioduski painted a picture of a man who not only knows his profession at all, because he organizes bad trainings, but is also disloyal. Even Michniewicz’s original idea with the pendulum game is reduced to the fact that Juranović and Mladenović were in shape. This is a clear depreciation of his merits. By the way, it’s interesting when Michniewicz was supposed to organize the aforementioned compensatory classes, even if he had little time to do the right ones, because he was playing match after match.

And when it was possible to get the impression that Michniewicz did not do anything well in Legia, Dariusz Mioduski, when asked about the scenario for Thursday’s match with Spartak Moskwa, unexpectedly said that it was necessary to play “such Michniewicz”, to whom these European matches “just turned out”.

Atletico Madrid has fled the ax, but the crisis continues. Atletico Madrid has fled the ax, but the crisis continues. “Simeone is running”

Dariusz Mioduski: “I love people who are rebellious. Of course, if it agrees with what I think myself”

Opinions about Dariusz Mioduski’s speech are extreme, which is quite understandable at such a critical moment. There are fans who will not be convinced by any words or explanations, because the level of disappointment and frustration does not allow it. The others liked the fact that the club owner listens to their opinions so willingly, invites them to additional offline meetings and gives the impression that he is keenly interested in a longer cooperation. Just by entering the #LegiaTalk room – in such circumstances – Mioduski gained in their eyes.

Only this quote may be disturbing: “I love people who are rebellious, who do not make up, but are able to uncompromisingly say what they think about a given subject. Of course, if it agrees with what I think myself.”

Even if it is just a slip of the tongue or an unsuccessful cluster of thoughts, it may turn out to be an apt punch line for the meeting. Because discussion is needed, but in the end the president must be right. And the coach is always to blame.

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