With this device that you buy on the internet, anyone can steal your car | But is it legal? [Video]

The description on the official website of this white and orange tin that looks harmless is almost comical, if it weren’t at the same time creepy.

A project born on Kickstarter and which, in just over two years, has raised almost 5 million dollars. But serious doubts arise about the legality of this device, which, moreover, comes from Russia, fueling the already strong tensions between the Soviet country and the Western world.

We are talking about Flipper Zero, project and device conceived by Pavel Zhovner, Russian computer scientist and coordinator of the Hackerspace Neuron in Moscow. For its development, Flipper Zero fetched $ 4.8 million on the Kickstarter platform.

Device to steal cars (Ansa)

But what is it about? It is a device that, placed in the wrong hands, can cause serious and irreparable damage. And the problem is that, as it was conceived, Flipper Zero can be used by anyone. Not only, therefore, by those with high computer skills. But also by those who have the basic rudiments.

The description on the official website of this harmless-looking white and orange box is almost comical, if it weren’t creepy at the same time. “He loves to hack digital material, such as radio protocols, access control systems, hardware and more. It is completely open source and customizable, so you can extend it however you like ”.

Flipper Zero is capable of reading and replicating the signal used by a remote control. Thus, for example, an automatic gate can be opened. An apparently harmless and neutral act which, however, can obviously also have illicit uses.

But Flipper zero can also hook up to Wi-Fi networks and eventually disconnect all users from the networks it can read. He can also rename them, change their passwords. In short, the premises for uses that are nothing short of murky (especially in an era in which wars are often fought through hackers) are enormous.

Is it legal?

Potentially, therefore, Flipper Zero can do a lot of useful things. But, perhaps, even more illegal. And, then, that’s the point. Is Flipper Zero legal? Already from what has been written, it is easy to understand how hypothetically dangerous it is.

For example, it can also open a car. But not just your own car. It can in fact be the passepartout for thieves of any territory. But it can also duplicate the electronic cards that open, for example, hotel doors.

In short, a real lock pick to open anything. Lawfully and unlawfully. It will therefore be up to individual countries to eventually legislate to limit an instrument that can potentially become much more dangerous than a weapon.

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