With Thread Dorismar Turns Around and Discovers the Body of a Goddess

With the tight bandages, the Argentine model puts herself in a daring pose and exhibits more by showing off her well-hidden panties with their charms

ell animated with her spectacular anatomy exposed, the beautiful model and actress Dorismar left everyone very restless after showing off those great curves that she has and that on social networks they have cheated her out.

And it is that the famous woman originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, never tires of surprising her fervent admirers, because at 46 years of age it seems that she is in her twenties with that waste of uncovered beauty.

It was through her official Instagram account that Dorismar put aside the little sorrow to share a couple of postcards that left her own and strangers with her mouth open, since with only one thread she tied her beauties in a mini white plaid top with black, while at the bottom there is only a black garment that drew attention.

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So when observing the second image is where Internet users were even more excited with the beauty of the model, because she left the band-aid of her garment well hidden, making the tan in that area look much better, even favoring the size of its charm by showing all its splendor.

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This is how it is a matter of a couple of hours, the photographs of Dora Noemí Kitchen, the full name of the Argentine playmate, reached more than 34 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, originally used to give likes to posts from content creators.

Dorismar is one of the models who have triumphed not only on social networks but also on open television since with their irreverence in tiny garments they have left her very well standing in front of her fans, who spend her time snooping on her profile.

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