Withdrawal water for staph: here are the symptoms

Two batches of water, which had been distributed in supermarkets, were recalled by the Ministry due to the risk of infection with the bacterium

The alarm was raised for a well-known brand of water distributed in some supermarkets in the country: the risk is to contract the bacterium staphylococcus aureus. But let’s go see the details.

Withdrawal water for staph: here are the symptoms (web)

Ministry of Health alarm: two batches of water withdrawn from the market

A new alarm has gone off in our country. This time the light bulb is turned on by a well-known water distribution brand. We are talking about the Gran Guizza company, producer ofGuizza mineral waterwhich communicated after careful analysis that it had taken steps to withdraw lots of product that could cause many problems to human health.

water withdrawn
withdrawn water: lots and symptoms (web)

This is a possible contamination of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. But here’s what we read in the company’s official press release: “The company invites you not to consume the products belonging to the lots subject to withdrawal. It also specifies that the recall refers only and exclusively to the products mentioned and limited to the indicated lots“.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the withdrawal was also issued by the Ministry of Health. In short, this is a warning not to be underestimated absolutely. So anyone who has bought Guizza water in these weeks must read the label carefully and check the batches.

The risk of contamination

There are two lots to be collected and they are the following: 10LB2202A; 08LB2208A. The water affected by the withdrawal consists of a pack of 6 bottles of 1.5 liters each, produced in the factory Gran Guizza Spa, locality Valle Reale, SS 17, 65026, Popoli (Pescara).

The water has already been withdrawn from the market but if someone has already bought it, it must not be consumed and returned to the point of sale. The shop will do it refund or replacement of the case.

Coem already mentioned above, customers are invited not to underestimate the notice. The bacterium that could be contracted carries numerous symptoms. Staphylococci, specifically, are bacteria present on the skin and in the oral cavity of people. Among the symptoms of intoxication we find nausea, headache; severe and frequent abdominal painthe; diarrhea; sudden fever ; exhaustion.

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