Without human kindness, the world of people would be destroyed in a matter of minutes – David Sainz # Columnista7días

Without human kindness, the world of people would be destroyed in a matter of minutes - David Sainz # Columnista7días 1

This human world would end in a jiffy without kindness, without people who are capable of love and care. Adela Cortina says that one of the problems of the media is that they make evil universal and absolute, they normalize it so much that it is easy to believe that all human beings are perverted. It may be that one of the functions of the media is to be critical and perhaps its purpose is to condemn, to monitor, to point fingers, to harass, as Revista Cambio has done these days with the former governor of Boyacá, Carlos Amaya.

However, the mere idea that humans are evil, transmitted by the media, can cut off other voices, other stories, where goodness plays a fundamental role.

Now, I suggest that we think about all the acts of kindness we have done in the last week. Perhaps it is difficult for us, we are used to living in a deficit, that is, what we want to achieve in what we do not have and what is not already in our life. The paradoxical thing about the situation is that there may come a day when we begin to believe that the moment we did not cherish was the best of our time in this paradise.

Personally, my physical health has taken a hit this week. Sapna did not come to meet me. There is weakness in the legs. The cough has changed my voice. The air feels cold. The head is carrying a heavy load, very painful. However, I have felt the human kindness of those who have cared for my food, and have managed to bring bread to my table even from afar. Or who has come to watch over me, especially with food, the way we take care of each other, through food. These acts of kindness have lightened my condition, as well as the recognition that I can only live with others.

Yesterday, I had to go to the emergency room, the doctor who examined me was kind in his treatment. He took the time to check me out, and gave me self-care advice: drink water, eat well, be patient, don’t stress because that doesn’t help recovery.

I also get messages from friends who care about me. Likewise, there are others who know that it is very quiet to spend the day in recovery and that quiet can be hard to come by, so, by sending me a short text to read, a song to listen to, a poem to look at, inspired me.

Now, if it were not for the kindness of most of the people we meet on a daily basis, this life would be more difficult than ever. Piedad Bonnet wrote in his book What Has No Name that when his son Daniel committed suicide in New York, he had to travel to the city to take ownership of the situation and fulfill his duties with his beloved son. After the funeral, there were some friends who filled the refrigerator with food, so that when she and her family remembered to eat, they took out only the desired portion and reheated it.

Perhaps there is a need to think a little and recognize that the love and affection of many people means that human life is not destroyed in a few seconds.

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