“Without Mbappé, Real Madrid took 15 points out of 15”

Real’s good start to the season, its latest win, the importance of Bellingham and Ramos’ return to La Liga were the topics of discussion on SER.

Real Madrid bounced back from a bad slump yesterday with a comeback win against Sociedad. Ancelotti’s team made a great start to the season with 5 wins in 5 matches, which caused a debate on Spanish radio Cadena SER last night.

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Antonio Romero: “Real Madrid came out of the locker room with a lot of energy. It’s not the most impressive win, but it’s a worthy win against a great team like Sociedad.”

Julio Pulido: “Whoever wants to beat Real Madrid will have to perform very well, even if the team has problems in defence. Real cannot spend all their games in comebacks, because there will come a day when they will not be able to do that.” ,

Jordi Marti: “I thought I heard the whistles in the Bernabeu before Real came back. I preferred the Barça match, which was more adventurous, they wanted to score the third, fourth and fifth goals. I think Real Madrid have that team. What is needed is to avoid playing it small. Some people did not expect that Barça, with an investment of 3.5 million euros, would be the favorite in La Liga, I see Barcelona as the favorite in La Liga.”

Jesus Gallego: “With this match, Real begins a cycle of seven matches in 21 days and we will see how the team responds now. In the next six matches, Bellingham will not be able to play them all, we will see how the coach negotiates the rotation. …Rodrigo also can’t play every match…”

Miguel Martin Talavera: “Atletico is losing a difficult match against Valencia, I would say it was an inexplicable match, their attitude was disappointing. It is not the best week to host Real Madrid.”

Roncero: “Real Madrid came out of a very difficult match. I understand the reaction of the Bernabeu when they took out Joselu, but I also understand Ancelotti. Without Mbappé, Real Madrid took 15 points out of 15. If Ramiro Two don’t make memorable saves, Madrid won 4–1. All this without Vini, Militao and Courtois.”

Jude Bellingham

Jesus Gallego: “He is very consistent. He has been very good in all five games, not just scoring goals. Real Madrid wins without any advantage, but they are a very compact team.”

Julio Pulido: “The day is bound to come when Bellingham doesn’t score. I hope Bellingham doesn’t start to have a breakdown. He didn’t come to Madrid to replace Benzema, don’t worry.”

Xavier Herrez: “When you remove the center forward in the 60th minute and play Bellingham up front, I don’t think Real Madrid’s attack is good enough.”

Ramos returns to La Liga

Jesus Gallego: “I’m delighted that Sergio Ramos is returning to La Liga. Ramos’ return to the Bernabeu is very exciting. When he arrives, we have to give him a proper welcome.”

Bruno Alemany: “If de la Fuente watched Le Normand’s match today, Ramos would be in the next call-up.”

Jordi Marti: “For my part, I am concerned that Sergio Ramos is not at his best and with just one match to look forward to his return to the national team.”

Julio Pulido: “Ramos played on and off the pitch. Many people thought they were going to see a version of Ramos that he was not and today he showed that he is still at a good level. Let’s not mention the words ‘national team’ Don’t, it is he who will give them to us from his level.”

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