“Without Naldo, there would be no Anitta”

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Recently while participating in the Barba Cast podcast, Naldo Benny commented on a speech by Kamila Filaho, Anitta’s former manager. She had said in an interview that the singer paved the way for the owner of the hit Envolver to achieve international success:

– Naldo has always had a head for Pop. He’s a host, he’s the one who turned the key. If he hadn’t come along, maybe Anitta wouldn’t have come in the same spirit. There were no girls or boys in funk with ballet on stage, that sort of thing.

The funker agreed with the businesswoman and stressed that he transformed the style:

– Kamilla is very right when she puts it like this, without Naldo, Anitta wouldn’t exist. I was the guy who turned funk into funk pop. I turned funk into an industry, industrialized the genre.

The singer highlighted that he was one of the first to think of an international career with funk and commented that he saw similarities in the style with the music that pumps out here:

– In 2008, I gave interviews saying: I’m going to have a house in Miami, I’m going to make an international career, starting in Miami, for the Latin audience [que mora lá]. Anita followed this. I looked at the board and said, I can record a song with Jay-Z, with Chris Brown. Because my sound is urban, electronic sound like theirs, it’s from the street! Funk has this similarity to American electronic music.

In addition to Naldo, his wife Mulher Strawberry Shortcake was also in the interview. She commented that the singer showed the generations that came later, that it was possible to think about taking the musical style to the world.

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