Without Regret Ana Bárbara Exhibits More With an Open Robe at a Daring Angle

Showing even the most private, the “Queen Grupera” caused a heatwave by posting a daring video that she recorded herself with a risky angle that left to see more

The “Queen of Mexican music”, better known as Ana Bárbara, once again caused a heatwave in the world of the web after posting a daring video that she recorded herself with a risky angle that exposed much more of her beauty, With which he left thousands of users on social networks with their mouths open.

Recently, the famous singer has been giving something to talk about on the internet, since she dared to show millions of people through her digital platforms a short clip, in which she was about to show too much after she had problems with her loose set.

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However, on this occasion no accident happened, rather it was the interpreter of “Como me necessary” who did not have a bit of regret since it was intentionally filmed with an intense inclination and very little clothing.

It was through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, where the beautiful singer-songwriter shared the spicy recording that caught the eyes of thousands of netizens, in which she can be seen in a dressing room with a low-angle shot while looking an open robe that surprised everyone.

In this short clip, Ana Bárbara was about to teach too much after stepping on the lens of her cell phone camera, which caused everything below to be exposed, since she made it more than clear that she was not wearing a single garment under nightgown.

A few seconds later, the successful singer of regional Mexican music raised the sole of her foot again and dazzled her loyal fans with an amazing outfit that consisted of a fitted white animal print dress, with which she flaunted her sweeping and enviable curves. beauty.

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“I do not give my body just because it touches him”, was the text that the 50-year-old actress also placed in the description of her clip, which is a small fragment of her popular song “Que poca” that she released in 2019.

It should be noted that this video was shared for the first time on the Chinese platform, Tik Tok, where it was very well received by users since it already managed to exceed 918 thousand reproductions, while on Instagram it received almost 31 thousand reactions of likes in the form of little red heart.

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