Without Shakira, Piqué circulates with new affair and has first photos released in Spain

“Blonde, young and very pretty”, that’s how Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend is being described by the Spanish press. Different TV shows have gradually given the details of the woman who shook the heart of Shakira’s ex-husband and now reveal the first images of the two together during the athlete’s trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

Piqué at the event in Sweden Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The program “Sálvame”, from Telecinco, digitally blurred the face of the supposed “CC”, acronym used to define the young woman’s name. In the video, the former waitress appears in casual attire while Piqué is shopping.

The physical size of the girl is similar to the image released by the Swedish influencer Katrin Zytomierska, who photographed the hooded player at a club, after having a photo request denied.

Photo: reproduction

other tours

The trip to Sweden was not the first outing that Piqué has taken freely with his beloved. Although without photographic records, the newspaper “El periodic”, through sources of the column “Mamarazzis”, revealed that the athlete and the affair were seen exchanging affection in the dawn of last Wednesday, the 15th, on the Catalan coast.

the chosen one

Called “CC”, the Spanish press says that Piqué’s new girlfriend worked at the nightclub “La travessia”, much frequented by Piqué and other Barcelona players at their parties. Since the official announcement of the separation of Shakira and the athlete, C. C has left his job.

Shakira and Piqué have two children
Shakira and Piqué have two children Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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