“Without the citizenship income comes the Third World War”. So the South voted for the M5s

It is no secret that the great comeback of the 5-star Movement at the polls comes from the south, from those who chose to vote for Giuseppe Conte’s party to maintain Basic income. The M5s, on the other hand, relied almost exclusively on that element to recover the votes that had diminished over the last few years. The confirmation that it is only the rdc to leverage the voters of the 5 star movement it came from a report aired during the Sunday 2 October episode of Zona Bianca. The Mediaset program went to Naples, where the M5s obtained about 42% of the preferences, confirming itself as the first party.

The people interviewed by the White Zone journalist did not use too many words to admit that their vote went to Giuseppe Conte and his party to keep the promised welfare regime. “We have voted the 5-star Movement not to have the income taken away“says a woman, who justifies her decision by explaining that” if take away the income comes there Third World war“Words that sound almost like a threat to the new government and that do not sound new because Giuseppe Conte himself, during the electoral campaign, spoke of a civil war in the event of a suspension of income. Strong and irresponsible phrases, especially from a political leaders, who feed the most agitated fringes, with the risk of unrest.

The north lives differently from us, almost everyone has a job. We are almost a city of unemployed“, said a woman, who receives 560 euros of citizenship income. Many comments on the web by those who contested the statements of the people interviewed during the service, underlining that it is not true that almost everyone works in the north. , then, they criticized “that way of life“, implying the claim to have welfare assistance, which would be”too ingrained“to southern Italy.

All this, however, is based on a flaw which is one fake-news from the election campaign. In fact, the center-right has repeatedly reiterated that it wants to continue to help those who really need it, those who cannot work, taking away the income from young people and those who are skilled in the professions, working precisely on the creation of citizens’ wealth, to strengthen the social fabric. and economic of the territory.

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