Witold Jurasz: The fiasco of the US-Russia talks in Geneva. The West has not betrayed us

Meanwhile, logically looking at the US-Russia balance of power, in which the United States is many times stronger than Russia economically, technologically, but also militarily, and finally, by the force of alliances, there has never been such a threat, because there is no reason why the many times stronger United States should The states would suddenly give way to Russia for no apparent reason. The more so because Russia cannot blackmail the West with the fact that it will become China’s ally in their confrontation with the West (because it is too afraid of China), or delude that it will side with the West against China for a change (for the same reason) .

Who else knows if Russia did not want talks with the US only in order to be able to pretend that she wanted an agreement and, having failed to reach it, begin to proclaim that she was allegedly thus “provoked” to attack Ukraine. The fact that Moscow never wanted an agreement was clear when Russian diplomacy made demands that were extremely unrealistic, arrogant and indeed offensive to the West.

All of the above leads to one fundamental question. Since the result of the talks in Geneva is not really a surprise, where did so many voices in the Polish debate come from that the allegedly “betrayal of the West” is coming? The simplest explanation suggests that some politicians, experts and commentators have become hostages to national traumas and are unable to understand how the world of 2022 differs from that of 1939. There is, however, another explanation. Much more dangerous. It is in Moscow’s interests that we first believe that the West will betray us, then that we will manage without it, and finally that we betray the West. Who knows if some politicians, experts and commentators did not become hostages, but not of national traumas, but of foreign interests. Moscow interests.


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