Wizz Air restricts flights from Poland. Reason? “Sorry to say”

  • Wizz Air airlines are limiting flights from Poland. There are fewer of them since October, but the biggest cuts are to take place in January 2022. Wizz Air is to suspend as many as 36 routes
  • The president of Wizz Aira József Váradi, in an interview with the portal Re: view, justifies these decisions with the low level of vaccination among Poles
  • At the same time, he announces that the company has many plans for Poland. Brave, because they assume that Poles will eventually begin to vaccinate massively
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Will be limited, inter alia, connections in Krakow, for which Wizz Air previously had many development plans. József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, in an interview with the portal Re: view, explains this with the fact that Poles are reluctant to vaccinate. And the country where vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is just over 55 percent. population is not a good destination for airlines. Why?

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Few vaccinations, so it makes no sense to fly

Wizz Air is investing heavily in its development in the region of Central Europe, as József Váradi emphasizes in an interview with Re: view. However the directions of this development depend, among others, on on how individual countries are fighting the coronavirus and at what stage of fighting the pandemic they are at. One of the criteria used in determining the flight network is the level of public vaccination in a given country. And in this respect, Poland fares poorly.

Where do the “white spots” in Wizz Air flight schedules from Poland come from? – This is – I am sorry to say – a consequence of the poor result of the vaccination campaign in Poland. What’s the point of flying so many routes from a country with a vaccine coverage of just 50%? Experience shows that you can only expect problems, lockdowns, airport closings, etc. Anyway, for exactly the same reason we also temporarily limited our presence in, for example, Romania, says the CEO of Wizz Air.

He adds that at the same time in Great Britain or Italy about 85 percent were vaccinated. citizens. – And naturally it’s easier and less risky to fly there. You can also plan something ahead, with a slightly longer time perspective. We go back to your first West-East divide question here. The presence in the markets where the COVID-19 issue is close to a resolution is now more justified for us in terms of business explains Váradi.

“Brave plans” towards Poland

The head of Wizz Air does not hide, however, that the company has many plans for our country. – They are quite brave because they assume that people will start vaccinating after all. And then it will be much easier for us to offer a really good product. For now, we have three planes in base in Krakow, but for the summer of 2022 there will be four. We have a clearly defined goal, which is to quickly return to the levels of 2019. Maybe this summer. But for that, a massive vaccination campaign is needed. Winter is not good for airlines to earn money. And it does not apply only to us – he explains.

According to the CEO, Wizz Air soon has a chance to become a leader in the aviation market in Europe. In 2019, the company had 109 aircraft, in the summer of 2022 there are already 170 of them planned. It is not without significance that the airlines have the ambition to be the greenest in the world and at the same time highly technologically advanced.

Source: thereview.pl

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