Wo³osz has gone down in the history of volleyball! The world record has been broken! In the best style

Could you jump into volleyball history better? Only Imoco Volley Conegliano knows this, but we risk saying that it is not.

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Will they be the future of Polish volleyball? “There are beasts on the team, really hungry tigers”

Joanna Wołosz and Conegliano have the world record for their exclusive use! Outclassing in the 74th consecutive win

In the end, the equalization of the current world record of Vakifbank Istanbul came after the game against Cuneo Granda Volley was reversed. The Polish team was already losing 1: 2 in it, to finally win 3: 2. Since there was a beautiful fight, it is greatness and declassification against Trentino. The sets won to 13, 11 and 20 ensured Conegliano and Wallach victory, which gave them a coveted great achievement.

Nikola Grbić a new volleyball coach?  'I think it's a bad idea'This is for sure! The main favorite to take over the Polish volleyball players has sent an application!

What’s it like not to lose? Santarelli: I try to squeeze more every day

– I don’t have my secret. I’m not a wizard. I am just a coach who loves working with women, I like their mentality, laughed Daniele Santarelli, who led the Italian champions to a record before winning against Trentino. “ My approach to it is this: every day I try to get more out of the girls. They have a lot of energy and I want them to use it on the pitch. Until now, they did not know how much they can do there, and now they give absolutely everything and I am happy about it – he added.

– Can you imagine that you will lose this match, which was supposed to be your 74th victory? How would you react to failure? – we asked the coach of the team from Conegliano. – Well, she’s coming sometime. Losing is part of any sport. I just hope that not quickly and not at an important moment, when we have to fight for a trophy. I will take it as an important lesson. When you win every time, the thought comes: I am the best. But you can’t go round it. Therefore, it is important to draw conclusions, especially from failures. We have a long season ahead of us, full of possible big victories. That is why I hope that this record will only drive us – assessed Santarelli.

We also ask about the mental aspect: what is it like waking up after each winning match and going to training with the attitude that you want to win another match? Is it different after two, three and seventy matches? – This is probably the most difficult part of it. The psyche. I have some of the best volleyball players in the world on my team. But keeping the right thoughts in your head is not easy. It would be easiest to focus on the trophies. But last season we had five months from winning the Super Cup in September to another final in February. We couldn’t motivate ourselves like that, it would be very difficult – described the trainer.

707 days without Conegliano defeat. And there could be up to a hundred wins in a row

– The most important thing in all this is the Champions League. Because the most prestigious and creating the greatest competition for our team. But if you want to win this trophy at the end of the season, you have to do your best at every opportunity along the way to the finals. You have to push every day and fight every game. We’ve been able to do that since the end of 2019, Santarelli pointed out. But he points out that he did not think much about the match from two years ago, when Bartoccini Gioiellerie Perugia defeated them 3-2 on December 12.

– In total, if it weren’t for this defeat with Perugia, we would have been undefeated for nearly a hundred matches. It makes an even bigger impression. It cannot be continued indefinitely. However, there is always a thought in our heads about the possibility of improving our game. The next victories would only be a consequence of taking the next steps – added Daniele Santarelli.

Poland-Serbia match for the bronze of the European Volleyball Championship.  Katowice, September 19, 2021Officially: Six candidates for the new volleyball coach. End of applications

The Conegliano Pass has been running for 707 days. The previous record holder, Vakifbank Istanbul, achieved his 73 victories from October 23, 2012 to January 22, 2014, i.e. in 456 days, but the Turkish team did not have to deal with a pandemic and the cancellation of many matches in the 2019/2020 season. If it were not for that, it is possible that the Italians would have reached the world record earlier.

Wallach makes another achievement in Italy. “One of the best in the world”

When Giovanni Guidetti broke the world record with Vakifbank Istanbul, Małgorzata Glinka played in his team. Now with Santarelli as the playmaker Joanna Wołosz. With the club, she has already won three Serie A championship titles, a win, as well as a silver and bronze medal in the Champions League, and the club world championship, four super cups and two Italian Cups. Now it adds an exorbitant world record to all of this.

– Asia is very important to us. She’s the captain, a great person, and that’s essential to me. There is no team without it. He works extremely hard. This season she has developed a lot. She already had great potential when she played for Chemik Police. But when we brought her here, she still changed her game. Now it is unbelievable. He’s one of the best, if not the best, quarterback in the world. I want to continue working with her, assured Daniele Santarelli.

He won the world record against Wołosz. Now he will come to the Polish national team? “I feel this is a great opportunity for me”

And who knows if he will not be her coach also in the Polish national team. In an interview for sport.tvp.pl he confirmed that he is interested in it. – I have submitted the documents, they are no longer a secret. Nobody has contacted me yet. I know the union will now meet to discuss all the candidacies. I am convinced that I can help this team and I would be a suitable coach – told us the Italian.

What does he think about the Polish staff? – If I didn’t think I could achieve something with her, I wouldn’t apply. I have been watching her for a long time, not only at the European Championships or the League of Nations, but even at the U-20 World Championships. I know you have talented players who can be brought into the team and who can play an important role in it. Is the plan an Olympic qualification for the Games in Paris in three years? If I join this band, yes. From the very first moment – emphasized Santarelli, who has led the Croatian team so far. – Time for changes. I don’t feel that I can achieve anything more there or bring something new. I want to try something new and I feel that the Polish national team is a great opportunity for me – he added.

-European Championships in women's volleyball in LodzThe former coach of Italy and Turkey wants to lead the Polish team. He has already submitted his papers to PZPS

Therefore, she is one of the 24 coaches who would like to lead the volleyball team. The election can take place in December at the earliest – the meeting of the PZPS board is scheduled for December 3. For now, however, he has the next matches of his Conegliano on his mind. Another one on Wednesday, November 24 with ZOK Ub in the first match of the new season of the Champions League, which his team will join as the defender of the trophy.

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