Woman accused of strangling and beheading three men

Ciudad Juárez- The Northern District District Attorney’s Office, through the Crimes Against Life Special Investigations Unit, obtained a link to prosecute Ma. Yesenia FR as she may be responsible for aggravated homicide, which resulted in injuries to three males whose bodies had been recovered Behead.

The ministerial investigation established that she participated as a co-perpetrator in the crimes of the victims: Omar LV, Misael SR and Héctor Manuel MH, who, according to legal autopsies, died of asphyxiation by strangulation and decapitation, respectively.

These events took place on the morning of August 31, 2023, in a house on Estandarte Street, in the Parajes del Sol neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez, where three men were deprived of their lives.

A few hours later, the dismembered body was found at the intersection of Refugio de la Libertad and Talamás Camandari streets in the Parajes del Sur subdivision.

Public Ministry agents collected evidence and obtained an arrest warrant, which was completed on December 29, 2023, by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation at the National Center for Women Cereso II.

The controlling judge evaluated the incriminating material provided by the society’s representatives and set a four-month deadline for the conclusion of the supplementary investigation, thereby resolving the legal issue.

**According to current laws and regulations, detainees are presumed innocent until the judicial authorities pronounce them responsible (Article 13 of the National Criminal Procedure Law).

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