Woman goes mad because he doesn’t want to sell you a pizza because you do not have face mask (+VIRAL VIDEO)

The tag #Ladypizza is trending on social networks after a Nickname that was placed for a woman to attack and threaten workers of a pizzeria Little Caesars in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

A lady exploded against a restaurant for food and was baptized as “Lady Pizza”and that is that the altercation began after the woman in question will arrive at a place to buy pizza, however, is not carrying the tapaboca, so that workers are not allowed to enter.

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Through social networks we shared a video in which you see a girl extremely annoying with workers in the fast food restaurant, because he didn’t wanted to make a tab to buy a pizza.

“Do you have my pizza or not? Isn’t it? Are you sure?”, he said ‘Lady Pizza’, and this also added several swear words, while throwing aggressively to the waiters, objects that were on the counter.

Not happy with the physical aggression, warns the guard: “Do you want to see how I speak to my band and right now they arrive and the rafaguean?”. Finally, the woman left the place but before he throw another threat to one of the employees “Give me my pizza! Isn’t it? Since I saw you and I know that you work here.”

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