“Women in this country deserve freedom and independence”

Angelina Jolie

“Every film made in Afghanistan is a kind of miracle. In a time when the future of Afghanistan hangs in the balance, reminds us all what is at stake for millions of afghan women, who deserve the freedom, independence and security to make their own choices”. Angelina Jolie at the Venice film festival has mandto a message to support “Hava, Maryam, Ayesha”the first independent film from Afghanistan, shot entirely with the technical and artistic cast of the local and also the first directed by a woman, Sahraa Karimi.
The movie passes today to the Horizons, “which tells about the life of the young women in Afghanistan contemporary. Show the grace, beauty and spirit of the women of afghanistan with respect to marriage, love, friendship, family, and motherhood.” The film director Sahraa Karimi has thanked the director of the festival Alberto Barbera for the ability “to attract attention on the problems my Country is facing, in particular the need to ensure the basic rights of women in Afghanistan. Gender equality allows a country to gain prosperity, and is fundamental to global peace”.


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