Women’s sneakers: the guide to the best sneakers

Lots of women’s sneakers but is indecision just around the corner? Discover the models and trends of sneakers

Emblem of casual thanks to an American culture that has made sneakers enter our everyday life with small steps, first only on Friday thanks to the casual Friday with jeans and t-shirt, then popping up under a tailored suit (as Giorgio Armani teaches). But this is only the most recent story, because it all begins in the sixteenth century, when the Native Americans protect their feet with latex from the most difficult terrain: it will be necessary to wait for the vulcanization process patented by Charles Goodyear to make this material even more resistant and be used on shoes to practice sports. The English high society immediately appreciated this new shoe for their technical qualities but it was the sportsmen of the 1896 Olympics who made it viral.

Once again it is the cinema that transforms sneakers into a “cult” piece: actors and actresses of the 50s clear the use, becoming the symbol of a young generation that rejects the rigid bourgeois fashion made of lace-up shoes and starched collars. The emblem is James Dean in Wasted Youth with a pair of All Star, transforming the iconic basketball shoes into a mass phenomenon. It will be the sporting successes on parquet, red and green fields to make sneakers arrive in the daily wardrobe: thus one is born culture of enthusiastsloyal to their label, such as Converse, Nike, adidas, Reebok, Puma (to name a few).

Millie Bobby Brown

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Kristen Stewart

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Sub cultures, fashion and stylists have written the rest of the story: women’s sneakers have become the protagonists in the most formal occasions. A few examples? Serena Williams paired them with a Valentino dress for Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding reception, while baby star Millie Bobby Brown chose them for the red carpet at the Los Angeles SAG Awards and Kristen Stewart prefers them to ultra-high heels.

The hype culture finally sealed this international success, elevating the sneakers themselves to cult object and collection (think of the Slam Jam archive). There are the iconic models signed and with complex volumes – the Triple S by Balenciaga, le Thunder by Prada and le Chain Reaction of Versace – but also the collaborations that have united the leading brands of the market with the fashion houses – Nike and Off White, Prada and adidas, Miu Miu and New Balance -.

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