Women’s World Cup 2023: Find the quarter-final posters

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Selma Bacha and Les Blues will take on Australia in the quarter-finals.
Selma Bacha and Les Blues will take on Australia in the quarter-finals. (© Michael Aire/EPA/MaxPPP)

It is a celebration in the middle of summer. The French women’s football team qualified without a scare quarter finals FIFA World Cup in New Zealand and Australia.

With style, the Blues eliminated the hapless Moroccans in front of the Tricolor’s attacking Arsenal (4-0) this Tuesday, August 8, 2023. space for now quarter finals, with wonder. Because other eighths have sometimes been surprising.

what to remember from 8th

  • the americans wiped out

Across the Atlantic, there’s a cold snap. Still the defending champion and favorite The United States lost to Sweden 0–0 in the penalty shootout. Over-dominant during the meeting, the United States failed to score and would not win their third consecutive World Cup.

It was also the last game of women’s soccer legend Megan Rapinoe’s career.

The Japanese outplayed the Norwegians in three quarters of the game. Logically, they won 3-1 Against the Norwegians who took too long to react.

In what looked like a trap match against South Africa, the Dutch were able to take an instant lead and never relinquished it. they won 2-0 And can thank their goalkeeper Daphne Van Domselaer, who made seven saves in the game.

english on a string

The English, the winners of the last Euro, were scared against Nigeria. The game went into turmoil after the dismissal of Lauren James, with England in trouble, finishing the game for 10 runs.

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The Nigerian players generally dominated the match, but the match went to penalties due to a minor goal failure. In this exercise, The British took over.

  • Colombia, for history

For the first time in its history, Colombia qualified to the quarters. In a close game against Jamaica, the Colombians were able to make the difference with decisive action from Catalina Usme.

In a tense end to the game, with chances on each side, the South Americans won 1–0 on the smallest score.

  • australia like home

The Australians, led by Caitlin Ford, were able to make a difference against Denmark, who had control of the game.

The strike was first struck by inclement weather in Australia, giving the hosts of the competition a chance to take the lead. Then, with Denmark dominating, a spectacular collective action ensued. The Australians allowed them to double the lead (2–0).

At home, they continue their journey.

While leading 1–0, the Spaniards nearly revived the Swiss by a goal gag against his teammate Lia Codina. A back pass to the goalkeeper that ends up in the back of the net.

However, don’t be confused, Hispanics, preferred, Go ahead and beat Switzerland (5-1).

Against Morocco, the Blues did not flinch. they won 4-0 And leave an impression of clearly dominating the game. A few Moroccan chances alerted the French defence, but without any major danger.

quarter poster

The verdict of eighth was pronounced, here are the posters schedules quarter finals,

Friday, 11 August 2023

  • Spain-Netherlands : Friday, August 11, 2023 at 3 AM. Broadcast on M6.
  • Japan-Sweden : Friday, 11 August 2023 at 9:30 am on M6.

Saturday 12 August 2023

  • Australia-France : Saturday 12 August at 9am. Broadcast on France TV.
  • england-columbia : Saturday 12 August at 12:30 pm, on France TV.

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