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Children don’t judge others until an adult teaches them the difference between right and wrong, between what is acceptable and what is not. In our society, if you do not fall within certain canons, you risk being excluded, just like in those films for young adults of the latest generation in which everything is standardized by those who manipulate power!

According to Neuroscience, judgment arises with the development of the Neocortex, which is the rational part of the human brain. It is at that precise moment that a child begins to look at his peers in a different way. And it can happen that if you have different characteristics (especially physically) you are put aside and in extreme cases they make even the days difficult for you.

The film Wonder it goes beyond prejudices to make us understand that beauty is subjective and that there are other much more incisive qualities, which can be grasped if we know how to observe with the heart rather than with a judgmental and condemning gaze.

It is the eye that judges the backbone of this film that falls into the different points of view, showing us that it is counterproductive to pass judgment on people. The graphics are captivating, the style resembles that of The ACE in the sleeve (2015 feature film): colorful, fresh, youthful. The shades are those of blue, the color of communication. Because to go further you have to get out of shyness and fear of not being accepted by expressing what you are!

A touching film

Wonder recounts the vicissitudes of August “Auggie” Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), who after receiving home lessons from his mother Isabel (an always charming Julia Roberts) has to face a new test, not exactly easy given her conditions. She has to go to school.

Auggie suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome. With his face disfigured by the disease, the child will be targeted by the school bully, suffering a lot and putting a strain on the family: the mother – who has dedicated all her energy to her son by putting aside his work ambitions – the father Nate (Owen Wilson) and sister Olivia.

Wonder plot

But Wonder it is not a dramatic film, it is rather a film that with ironic tones teaches us the wonderful art of welcoming through the events of this apparently unfortunate child, yes… because then – we understand – that Auggie has so many things that other kids would like.

Life, therefore, always takes and gives, if we are able to perceive, to go beyond the wall of social prejudices that have been instilled in us. Through the experiences of children, therefore, cinema helps us to reflect on our existence and on the infinite possibilities we have to explore new territories so that we can see a part of us in the other, perhaps the most important one.

Recommended? Yup

Wonder it is added to the list of films for and about extremely recommended boys such as for example A dream for tomorrow or also Gifted – The gift of talent. The film – which is directed by Stephen Chbosky – is inspired by the bestselling book by RJ Palacio. You can find it on YouTube, Tim Vision, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Film, Apple TV and from time to time it airs on the Rai and Mediaset networks. On 20 June 2022 in prime time it is broadcast on Rai1. The review of the film is by Maria Ianniciello

Article first published on December 23, 2017 and updated on June 20, 2022

The book from which the film is based




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