Wood stove or fireplace 🤔 the ​​pros and cons considering the crazy prices

Warming up with wood in the fireplace or stove could be an idea to make up for the price of gas. But is it really affordable?

We have decided that heating with gas this year does not suit us. We want to switch to a biomass plant, that is wood. But it will really be one good idea? Let’s consider the pros and cons of this eventuality.

warm up with wood

The continuation of the war in Ukraine, we understood, it certainly suits more than one “subject”. Except for ordinary citizens, who in a few months found themselves with skyrocketing inflation and unrealistic prices on everything. Heating included.

Everyonetherefore, it makes its evaluations, think about the available budget, but also about comfort, sustainability and how to heat the house without risking everything wrong. In fact, despite the large amount of information circulating about it, it can be difficult to make a decision. Using radiators less? Switch to Pellet? Dust off the fireplace? The variables there are many and, unfortunately, also the unknowns.

Let us then try to deepen one of the many aspects of this energy crisis, evaluating the pros and cons of heating with wood to burn.

Is it still worth warming up with wood? Current prices, advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start by listing the main ones positive and negative aspects inherent in wood heating. First of all, there are numerous stoves and boilers that work with this fuel, and therefore can satisfy many needs. In fact, apart from the classic fireplace that heats only one room, Tyrolean stoves can be found on the market. They are real plants that consume little wood but that, thanks to certain characteristics, they release diffused heat for a long time.

  • versus: Tyrolean stoves o stube cost several thousand euros and you need a lot of space to store the wood.

Then there are also the wood stoves that can be used for cooking, and therefore also save on gas for cooking. And also the wood boilers, which can be connected to the existing system and also provide domestic hot water.

  • versus: let’s talk about complex modifications and interventions which are unthinkable to do independently. We’ll have to call one specialized firm and go and invest several money.

Other benefits in choosing wood heating I am definitely the comfort and theindependence from electricity. In fact, the heat diffused by the fire gives many people greater well-being than that of radiators. Then a wood stove is turned on manually, to difference for example Pellet stoves or boilers that need electricity.

Let’s not forget then the possibility of taking advantage of tax deductions and bonuses, because wood-fired plants are among the biomass ones. Therefore a possible investment can also have its economic return.

  • But let’s move on to disadvantages that currently would affect those who decide to switch to heating with wood. First of all, the price of this fuel – due to inflation, war and speculation – it has practically doubled. If until last year 10 quintals of wood cost around 120-150 euros, today we will have to spend at least 300 euros.
  • Last but not least, we remind you that stoves and fireplaces need maintenance like other systems. An intervention on the flue by a professional chimney sweep can give us some “bad” surprisesand doing it on your own is highly discouraged unless you are really experienced.
  • Furthermore burning wood results in more dirt and more dustand we must have some adequate space to store it and let it mature.

However, once all the factors have been taken into consideration we will be able to choose with greater serenity if that is the case with switch to wood or not.

Tell us what solutions you are using to counter the price increases

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