Wordle: what it is and how to play it

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A good way to keep our brain alert every day. The new game has revolutionized the internet thanks to its dynamic that consists of finding the correct word of the day, that is, there is a new word to guess every day.

wordle, property of New York Times It consists of guessing the word of the day in only six attempts and the letters will turn a different color according to your position.

The game is completely free, is available online and you can enter by clicking HERE.

Meaning of the colors

Green color: The letter turns this color when it is in the correct position.

Yellow color: It will have this color when the letter belongs to the word of the day, but it is not in the correct position.

Gray: Indicates that the letter used is not found in the word of the day.

how to play ‘wordle’?

It consists of playing with words to guess the absolute. If on the first try, some of the letters turn green, it means that you are in the correct position. Important, you only have six chances to succeed

For example:

As can be seen in the image, the letters in gray indicate that they are not part of the word of the day, therefore, it will be unnecessary to repeat them to find the final answer.

Alternative version in Spanish

There is a version of the game for Spanish speakers created by the engineer Daniel Rodríguez, who adapted the system to solve the word game in Spanish. It works in the same way as the English version and new challenges are also presented daily.

To access the Spanish version click HERE.


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