Work, off to contract renewals: which ones will increase the most?

On the collective bargaining front, many contract renewals are on the way, especially with regard to service sector workers. There are about 500,000 workers with recently expired contracts, but the new contracts signed could lead to salary increases. Let’s see together for whom and by how much they will increase.

The first months of 2022 were characterized by collective bargaining which involved many sectors, namely: pharmaceutical chemistry, construction, road haulage, energy and oil, electricity and the mining sector. As regards collective bargaining, we are witnessing a reversal of the trend between expired and renewed contracts: we have gone from a percentage of 60% -40% to 40% -60%.

From the service sector to industry, let’s see how much wages have risen thanks to collective bargaining.

Collective bargaining: where are we?


Let’s clarify the numbers involving employees who are subject to a collective agreement of the sixty in force. In Italy there are 5.5 million workers to whom the existing collective agreements apply: of these, 86% have a renewed contract. Since President Bonomi took office, of the 60 collective agreements in place 36 have been renewed.

Those who have longer delays in the renewal of contractsi.e. over 24 months, are the workers operating in the tourism, entertainment and private hospital sectors.

Collective bargaining: here are the main increases


According to Confindustria, salaries in the three-year period 2018-2021 increased by an average of 4.9%, considering a inflation rate of 2.8%. The Bank of Italy report on the five-year period 2015-20 also gives hope, which highlighted a gap between wages and price trends of 5%.

The real challenge for the unions is to withstand the brunt of the high inflation of recent months. For the CISL, one of the strategies to follow is to review them from top to bottom income policiesas well as spreading a second level of bargaining.

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