World Child Rights Day celebrated in Esenler

Added date 20 November 2023


Esenler Municipality celebrated ‘World Child Rights Day’ with a special event. The program included special seminars for mothers and fathers and recreational activities for children.

Esenler Municipality Women and Family Services Directorate organized a series of events within the scope of “World Child Rights Day”. Prof Dr. Ali Erylmaz, “Neglect and Abuse”, Assoc. Dr. Izkan Sapsaglam, “Children’s Rights in the Media Context”, Assoc. Dr. Isa Kaya gave a seminar on “Every Child’s Right to Play”. Dr. The mothers of Esenler showed great interest in the events held at the Kadir Topbaş Cultural Center. The seminar series concluded with a seminar titled “Role of Father in Personality Development of Children” organized for fathers of Esenler.

“God has trusted them with us.”

Speaking before the seminar specially prepared for ‘World Children’s Rights Day’, Esenler Municipality Women and Family Services Director Cemal Bolat addressed mothers and fathers as follows:

“This year, we wanted to add a different approach to the work done in previous years in terms of creating a better future for our children by bringing children’s rights to life on the agenda. At this point, we developed a road map with our professors and their teams. We hope to implement our work together with you. Our children are entrusted to us by God. First of all, we will not forget their right to life. “We all must fulfill our responsibilities so that they can participate in society as moral individuals.”

After the events, brochures were distributed to the participants to raise awareness about “child rights”.

The children said, ‘My rights are in my hands’

Esenler Municipality Prof. Dr. Students from Phuat Sezgin House of Knowledge and Wisdom created hand prints with the slogan ‘My Hands Are My Rights’ in a specially prepared event for “20 November Children’s Rights Day”. The children who had their hands covered with colorful colors had a joyous time.

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