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Follow the live coverage of the World Cup in Qatar on Saturday 26 November.

The second round of the group stage opened today World Cup in Qatar. First contest was Iran’s victory over Wales. Cardiff Football Association got from fifa the entrance to the stadium with rainbow symbols: fans from across the Channel will be able to cross the gates with rainbow flags, hats and shirts. Qatar, defeated by Senegal 3-1, is already eliminated. A sentence sanctioned mathematically by the 1-1 between Holland and Ecuador. The match ended 0-0 between England and the United States.

World Cup and rights: Fifa is attacked by the European Parliament opens to the rainbow

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

England femmed by the United States: ends 0-0

Everything is still open in group B. England and the United States do not go beyond a 0-0 draw in the match at the Al Bayt Stadium: after a first half with several chances in the second half Kane and his teammates were unable to find the qualifying goal for the round of 16 the final. Everything will be decided on Tuesday in the last day, with the English who will challenge Wales and the Americans who will face Iran in a match that promises to be fiery.

Holland-Ecuador ends 1-1

The Netherlands drew 1-1 against Ecuador. The Dutch goal by Gakpo in the 6th minute was answered by Ecuador in the second half in the 49th minute with Valencia, who had already scored twice in the opening match against the owners of Qatari house. Now in Group A Holland and Ecuador are first with 4 points, followed by Senegal with 3, with Qatar bringing up the rear with 0 and already eliminated.

Senegal wins 3-1, Qatar eliminated

Senegal beats Qatar 3-1. The African team takes the lead with Dia in the 41st minute and doubles with Diedhiou in the 48th minute. The hosts shorten the distance with Muntari in the 78th minute. In the 84th minute Senegal drops the trio with Dieng. With this result, host country Qatar is the first team to be eliminated from the World Cup.

Iran beat Wales 2-0

big party forIranwho won 2-0, on Walesthe first challenge of the second day of the group B of the World Cup. After the 6-2 defeat against England in the opening match, a deserved success for the men of Queiroz, however, gained in the full recovery of the second half. After hitting two posts and dominating the match, the goals from the Asians who decide the match arrive in the 98th and 101st minutes. Before kick-off, the players from Iran sang the national anthem.

Queiroz, Iran’s shield coach: war on journalists and rudeness to protect the team from controversy

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

Germany, the writing “One Love” in place of the lost sponsor

For the press conferences of Qatar 2022 World Cupthe German Football Association replaced the chain logo of Rewe supermarketswhich terminated its partnership with the Germany due to the controversy over the captain armband One Love, with the logo of the campaign in favor of the rights of the Lgbtqi community. After the end of the partnership with Rewe, six weeks before the expiry of the contract, the Football Association took “the opportunity, even in the context of the almost daily press conferences in Qatar to maintain its position on the ‘One Love’ campaign”. Behind of Kai Havertz And Julian Brandtthe two players from Germany present today, therefore a multicolored heart appeared among the other sponsors of the Federation.

Kane with a $650,000 rainbow Rolex

A Rainbow Rolexes with a market value of around 650 thousand dollars: the captain of theEngland, Harry Kane. He brings it back there BBC, referring to the twitter profile “insaneluxurylife”. In 18-karat rose gold, the Daytona “Rainbow” it is set with 36 baguette-cut rainbow sapphires on the bezel, 56 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case, and eleven baguette-cut rainbow sapphires as hour markers. List price, 135,000 dollars, but which immediately rises to 650,000 among enthusiasts.

Kane wears a watch worth almost 1 million euros against Iran and controversy breaks out

Qatar World Cup, “Freedom” shirt confiscated from an Iran fan. Betrayed the promises on the rights of Fifa

Even a T-shirt that says “Freedom” can be scary. Qatar’s promises of greater tolerance on the issue of rights are shattered at the first hurdle: at the Bin Ali stadium in Al Rayyan, where it is scheduled Wales-Iran, two Iranian boys wearing a white shirt with the inscription Freedom were stopped at the security checkpoint (normal, around here) and made to move away from the stadium entrance. The boy’s attempt to ask to be able to only cover her was useless. Two guards from tournament security led him through the metal detectors and out the entrance. A surreal scene. Two women, who entered immediately after, immediately asked for explanations when they were blocked by the “Freedom for women!” T-shirt, also miming the provocative gesture of taking it off. Two security guards screened the footage at the end of the video, ordering the footage to be deleted and even trying to pick up the phone on two occasions. A ban that lasted a couple of minutes: after a phone call with the superiors, they gave up. A Fifa delegate then told us that the Iranian boys who wore the shirt with the word Freedom were able to enter. But first they had to hand in their shirts, which were locked in a box and only returned when they left the stadium. He was given a white jersey. “Here they are very careful – he tells us – to avoid political messages, due to the political tensions that also exist with other states”. (from our correspondent Matteo Pinci)

Qatar World Cup, “Freedom” shirt confiscated from an Iran fan. Betrayed the promises on the rights of Fifa

Iran, the players sing the anthem this time

All the players ofIran they sang or at least hummed the anthem before the second game of World against the Wales and therefore they did not repeat the protest gesture of the opening match against England. From the sector of Iran’s fans there have been many boos for this choice, probably from supporters of the two-month-old revolt against the Ayatollah regime.

Qatar 2022, Iran’s players sing the anthem this time: the fan cries

A band, a photo, a gesture on the pitch: this is how sport still scares regimes

by Emanuela Audisio

Infantino: “Maradona unique and immense”

Two years ago he died Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest soccer player of all time. The president of Fifa, Gianni Infantino: “I’ve always said it and I can only repeat it now, more convinced than ever: What Diego has done for football, to make us all fall in love with this beautiful game, is unique. He is, like him, simply immense. Diego deserves our eternal gratitude for that, for astonishing us with his incredible talent and yes, for being so unique: for being Diego Armando Maradona, a legend, a hero and a man. Diego – continued the number one in world football – may be eternal now, but forever, Diego will also feature prominently in the incredible story of all football fairy tales. Rest in peace, dear Diego. We love you.”

Maradona, two years ago the death of the God of fragile and abandoned football

by Maurizio Crosetti

Wales, Fifa reassures: yes to clothing and rainbow flags at the stadium

There fifa reassured the Football Federation of Wales (Faw) that fans will be allowed to enter the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar with rainbow flags and clothing. The indication came after the protest over the seizure of rainbow caps and bracelets from many female fans during the opening match against the United States. The rainbow colours, a symbol of support for the rights of the Lgbtqi community in a country, Qatar, where homosexuality is still a crime, are at the center of controversy in this World Cup after Fifa threatened sporting sanctions for captains who will wear the band One Love and not the official ones provided by the world federation. The president of the Faw, Noel Mooneycalled Fifa’s hard line on the flanks “a poor and rather low pick”.

If you protest, I’ll delete you, the Power decides those images that the TV can’t show

by Emanuela Audisio

World Cup in Qatar, via the second round of the groups

Off to the second round of the group stage World Cup in Qatar. The program, at 11, is opened by Wales And Iran. Cardiff Football Association got from fifa the entrance to the stadium with rainbow symbols: fans from across the Channel will be able to cross the gates with rainbow flags, hats and shirts. At 14 Qatar must try to beat the Senegal to hope for qualification for the round of 16. At 17 instead the two winners of the matches of the first round challenge each other, Holland and Ecuador. The match between cousins ​​closes the program: England-United States.

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