World Cup 2022 in Qatar: today’s matches: Uruguay – South Korea on the field. Waiting for Brazil – Serbia – Football

To the World Cup in Qatar The first day of the group stage ends today. Switzerland (group G) beat Cameroon 1-0, they face each other for the same group tonight (8pm) Brazil And Serbia. For group H, Uruguay and South Korea drew 0-0, at 17 the debut of Portugal by Cristiano Ronaldofresh from the termination with Manchester United, against Ghana.

Key points

  • No goals between Uruguay and South Korea

No goals between Uruguay and South Korea

The match ended 0-0 between Uruguay and South Korea who opened group H. The South Americans were more dangerous as they hit two posts (one in each time) with Godin and Valverde.

Ronaldo the Phenomenon has Covid, no Brazil-Serbia

Ronaldo the Phenomenon will not be able to attend the debut of his live Brazil against the Serbia in the World Cup. Flown to Qatar, the former world champion center forward in 1994 and 2022, tested positive for Covid and is now in solitary confinement in his hotel room in Doha. It was Ronaldo himself who announced it with a video message on his social media channels, in which he explains that “after experiencing symptoms with a cold since last night” he underwent a swab which gave a positive result. For this reason he will now remain isolated “for the next five days in my room. However, all is well: I will be part of the torcida from here too”. Ronaldo is in Qatar as a special guest of Fifa and last Sunday he attended the opening ceremony and the inaugural match between Qatar and Ecuador.

At the World Cup I support Brazil, the only team that knows how to transform football into a dance

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

Paris, activists boycott the World Cup by changing the TV remote controls

In protest against the Football World Cup in Qataran activist group is using rigged remotes to turn off i televisions in several Paris bars. The group showed the newspaper Le Parisien like the device TV-B-Gone is able to turn off televisions of different brands up to a distance of 45 meters, much to the chagrin of the fans. “The idea isn’t to make political decisions behind the backs of the fans or to annoy them. It’s about – they explain – making a statement and saying that you can love football, but also admitting that there are some things that are wrong.”

World Cup, fake fans of who knows who. The distracted extras of a tournament with a shortage of spectators

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

Wales furious over banned rainbow sash

The disappointment had already emerged in the days leading up to the drawn match with the USA, in the debut at the World Cup underway in Qatar, when Wales fans the wearing of rainbow hats had been banned. The decision of the Fifa to ban the use of the One Love rainbow headband did the rest: “It was a terrible decision,” he said Noel Mooneythe head of the Wales Football Association to the British broadcaster Itv. Gareth Balethe captain, should have worn the offending armband, “for months we knew it would be done – Mooney confirmed – and we are disappointed by this attitude from Fifa. We are furious about this, we think it was a terrible decision”.

Fiorello and the rap on the ‘One Love’ rainbow band: “Love doesn’t disgust you, put on the band and not have Fifa”

L’Arcigay: “Thanks Germany, Fifa shuts the mouths of those who want to express themselves”

“The message of Germany it was strong, we thank the German national team. He made his voice heard as the Fifa it is trying to shut up and destroy freedom of expression. The more Fifa imposes crazy decisions, the more noise there will be from the initiatives perpetrated by the national teams”. Word of Marco Arlatipresident of Arcigay Bergamo Cives and member of the Arcigay national secretariat, with responsibility for sport, a Radio New Point. “Like Arcigay, in the sporting arena, we have been reiterating for years that sporting events are very important. They are the banner and vehicle of civil rights. The press came a little late on the problems that emerged in Qatar. Fifa is behaving in the wrong way, it is against civil rights in Qatar. This is not acceptable”.

If you protest, I’ll delete you, the Power decides those images that the TV can’t show

by Emanuela Audisio

Clashes between Argentinian and Mexican fans: there are some injured

It is of an unknown number of wounded the balance of the clashes between fans of theArgentina he was born in Mexico (two national teams that traditionally export more supporters on the occasion of the World Cup) which took place last night in Doha. This was reported by some Mexican broadcasters, according to which “after various insults from both sides, there was a real battle between groups of Mexicans and Argentines, with the result of several people being injured. In that area there is no they were law enforcement and, subsequently, not even ambulances”. The match between Argentina and Mexico, for group C of the World Cup, is scheduled for Saturday in Lusail.

Ochoa saves Lewandowski’s penalty: Mexican fans go crazy with joy in front of the TV

Switzerland-Cameroon 1-0: Embolo scores but doesn’t celebrate

There Swiss start your journey in the best way World Cup in Qatar 2022 beating the Cameroon of measure in the first match of group G. At the Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah it ends 1-0 thanks to the goal of Embolusalmost as if destiny was already written: the 1997 born, in fact, was born in Cameroon but was naturalized Swiss after emigrating to Basel and obtaining citizenship in 2014. yakin he therefore takes the first three points of his adventure in the tournament, waiting to find out what Brazil and Serbia will do in the other match in the group.

Embolo scores against Cameroon but does not celebrate: the Switzerland striker was born in Yaoundé

England, Kane recovers: he will be there against the USA

the captain of theEngland, Harry Kaneis ready to play (Friday at 20 Italian) against the Use the match of the second day of group B dei Qatar 2022 World Cup. The English coach announced it Gareth Southgate. The Tottenham striker suffered an ankle injury early in the second half of their 6-2 win against Iran and has since been replaced. “Harry,” Southgate said, “he’s fine. He’s worked at the side, but he’s ready to play.” The conditions of the Manchester United defender have also improved Harry Maguirealso replaced after a blow to the head.

World Cup, infinite recovery: once upon a time there was the 90th minute. The matches in Qatar never end

by Gianni Riotta

Hoeness: ‘Germany bowed to FIFA’

To the former German footballer Uli Hoenesshonorary president of the Bayern Monacothe hand in front of the players’ mouths was not enough Germany before the match lost 2-1 against Japan: accused the German Football Association of stooping in the dispute with Fifa, on captain armband One Love. “They didn’t have the courage to take on Fifa. It would have been really necessary, because for me Gianni Infantino it’s a big disaster for world football – he said on German television rtl -. DFB has missed a great opportunity.”

Germany without FIFA

by Gianni Riotta

Germany, no punishment from FIFA

There Germanyafter the photo of the players with their hands to their mouths, will not receive penalties from the Fifa. The move marked another day of tension between the seven European nations that have backed the campaign linked to the captain armband One Love. Speaking of his “mouths covered” gesture after his side’s 2-1 defeat by Japan, the German coach Hansi flick he said: “It was a signal, a message that we wanted to send. We wanted to convey the message that Fifa is silencing us.” The German gesture could have provoked disciplinary action by FIFA under Article 11 of the disciplinary code, which specifies that anyone “using a sporting event for non-sporting events” can be sanctioned. FIFA has yet to comment on what the German team did, but it is understood there will be no formal disciplinary action from world football’s governing body.

Qatar, Germany’s footballers cover their mouths in protest against Fifa

Brazil-Serbia, the most awaited match of the group stage

On paper, for values ​​and champions in the field, Brazil-Serbia tonight (8 pm) is one of the most eagerly awaited matches of the group stage World Cup in Qatar with Spain-Germany, Belgium-Croatia And Argentina-Poland. The coach of the green and gold Tite put the team in his ace’s hand, Neymar. To support him in attack there are three candidates for two places: if Vinicius of Real Madrid is almost certain to play from the first minute, in the last hours a real head-to-head between Fred And Raphinha.

Brazil, Tite: “Am I a communist? I’m a humanist, I’m with the people. But let’s not mix sport and politics”

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

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