World Cup 2022 – Poland-Saudi Arabia 2-0 report cards: Szczesny saves everything

Poland-Saudi Arabia, a match valid for the second day of group C (the same as Argentina and Mexico), ended with a score of 2-0. Let’s see together the best and worst of the match.

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Zielinski-Lewandowski-Szczesny: Poland beat Saudi Arabia


===Poland’s report cards===

SZCZESNY 8 – Man of the match. Immediately reactive on Kanno, great save on Al-Dawsari’s penalty and wonderful also on Al-Burayk’s rebound. In the second half he made another key intervention on Al-Dawsari. Decisive and in great condition.

KIWI OR 6 – Try to follow Glik and close on the many Saudi crosses. So much suffering.

GLIK 6.5 – He sweats in maintaining the united defensive line, continuously pierced by the accelerations of Al-Dawsari and Al-Shehri. He holds and ultimately dominates.

BERESZYNSKI 6 – Third on the right, trying to use the experience. Al-Burayk bad customer.

CASH 5.5 – Paradoxically better when it is proposed forward. Behind suffers a lot, sometimes confusing and ruffian.

BIELIK 5.5 – Naive on the penalty: he hits Al-Shehri and concedes the penalty to Arabia. Slow and cumbersome overall.

KRYCHOWIAK 5.5 – Can’t pace in between. Well under ban, but badly under construction.

Frankowski 6 – Often wide right, try to fit in. He goes to cross, triggers Lewandowski. Enough.

ZIELINSKI 6.5 – Score the 1-0 goal for Poland with a great right foot. He hadn’t been seen before. The network does not upload it. Not great game. (From 63′ KAMISNKI 6 – Good impact in the match. Contributes to final management)

LEWANDOWSKI 7.5 – In front of him, he wastes a lot in the first half, even making some checks and passes that are simple for him wrong. However, he provides the winning assist to Zielinski. In the second half he takes the chair: he hits the post and scores the 2-0.

MILIK 6 – Plays for the team, supports Lewandowski. He hits the crossbar with a header. (From 71′ PIATEK 6 – Into the finale. Trades with Lewandowski and makes himself useful)

CT: MICHNIEWICZ 6 – Poland cynical, but often attacked. Good win, overall performance not entirely convincing. So many opportunities granted and problems under construction.

Salem and Milik

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===SAUDI ARABIA report cards===

AL OWAIS 6.5 – Revisable style, even on the occasion of the exit on Lewandowski on the occasion of Zielinski’s goal. Bravo in exits, especially in the second half.

ABDULHAMID 6 – Right, attacks and gets up often. Behind does not suffer.

AL AMRI 5.5 – A little too messy. Modest technique and it shows in setting.

AL-BOLEAHI 5.5 – Free-range duel with Lewandowski. He doesn’t demerit in the first half, he collapses in the second.

AL-BURAYK 6.5 – One of the best in Saudi Arabia. He darts left, crosses, stretches. Szczesny denies him the goal after the penalty is rejected.

AL MALKI 5 – Midwing combat. He doesn’t give up an inch, Kanno argues well. Disastrous, however, the error in setting that gives Lewandowski the goal. (From 86′ N. AL DAWSARI SV).

KANNO 6.5 – A dominator in the middle. In sensational physical condition. He tows, restarts, tackles, goes to shoot.

AL-BURAIKAN 5.5 – Too foul, like in the match against Argentina. Wide to the right, he puts in several treacherous crosses. (From 66′ AL-GHANAM 5.5 – Little contribution in the final. Enter the match slowly)

AL-NAJEI 6 – First half in the trenches. Compares well with Bielik. Replaced at halftime. (From 46′ AL-ABID 5.5 – Little light, many inaccuracies. Renard calls him again and again)

S. AL-DAWSARI 5 – Gets hypnotized by Szczesny. Rejected penalty that weighs heavily on him and conditions him psychologically.

AL-SHEHRI 6.5 – Great movement, continuous cuts. He obtains the rigor, he often becomes dangerous. (From 86′ AL-ABOUD SV)

CT. RENARD 6 – Arabia plays football, creates, but does little. Not brilliant defensive phase: he concedes at least clear chances.

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