World Cup 2022. Qatar held journalists. They made a report from the labor camp

According to the website, the Qatar services have removed all the footage collected by journalists. In addition, the country’s government accused both journalists of “intruding into private property and filming without permission”. The Norwegians maintained that they had verbal consents from the people they recorded.

Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani said that representatives of the Qatari services appeared in civilian clothes in the journalists’ hotel and asked to come to the police station. Journalists added that the police questioning them “had a sharp tone and wanted to intimidate them, but were treated well.” The Norwegians also say that the Qatari authorities did not allow them to leave the country with the equipment.

The Qatari government said Ekeland and Ghorbani were arrested after a complaint was brought against a private owner of a property that is home to immigrants. “As in almost every country, the incursion into the area is against the Qatari law, which the members of the team were fully aware of before entering the property” – we learn from the statement. The Qatarians also confirmed that they have removed all footage.

The arrests sparked tension between the two countries. The Norwegian news agency NTB reported that the Qatar ambassador to Norway was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo on this matter.

Norway’s prime minister, Jonas Gahr Stoere, called the detentions “unacceptable”. “A free press is crucial to a functioning democracy. This also shows how important it is to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year,” he reads on Twitter.

For some time, Qatar has been under the scrutiny of the largest humanitarian organizations. The country is accused of many shortcomings that led to the death of immigrants who work under difficult conditions at the construction of stadiums for the World Cup. The Qatar World Cup will start on November 21, 2022 with the final scheduled for December 18.

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