World Cup 2022, the myths of Bearzot and Maradona united by the magic of Havana

TURIN – It sounds like a novel, but it’s a true story. Indeed, it is both together because in those parts, where the Caribbean borders on the South American imagination, reality and fiction blend and cross to give magic. So it is not at all strange that in Regla municipality of Havana on the island of Cuba, a soccer field named after Enzo was born Bearzot, intended to host the football school “Forza Napoli Club Havana, the hand of God”. And, therefore, a romantic story that brings together the “Vecio” and Maradona, with a crasis of myths that, in fact, succeeds wonderfully over there. It was a party rather than a ceremony, the one held on December 2, inside the Liceo artistic y leterario of Regla, the historical institution of the city inaugurated in 1879 by the national hero José Marti, which houses the small pitch now ennobled by a commemorative plaque. To discover it, in front of dozens of Cuban boys and Fiorella Nuisance“godmother of the occasion”, the Italian Ambassador, Roberto Vellano and Renzo Olive trees, president of Assoallenatori (AIAC). With them the Deputy Head of Mission, Giulio of Federicoand the Unicef ​​Ambassador on the island, Alejandra they found.

This was the most institutional and symbolic moment of AIAC’s “trip” to Cuba: two weeks to hold a coaching course for 25 coaches selected by the local Football Federation. An idea born within the Association at the time of the first pandemic, at the beginning of 2020, as a concrete gesture of thanks for the mission of Cuban doctors who arrived in our country to try to combat the health emergency. Hence the signing of a memorandum of understanding between AIAC and the Cuban Football Federation. The FIGC and the Fraternita Misericordia of San Miniato Basso then played a key role. Professor Gaetano flew to Havana with Ulivieri Petrelliprofessor at the Coaching School of Coverciano and manager of the goalkeeper technical area of ​​the national youth teams, joined later by professor Venture yourselfformer athletic trainer with Cesare Prandelli. To welcome them Mimmo Long, coach and organizer of the initiative, as well as soul of the local football school Forza Napoli. And the magic, in that corner of the Caribbean which borders with South America, becomes reality.

Pelé, an indelible mark in the history of the World Cup

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Pelé, an indelible mark in the history of the World Cup

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