World Cup, here are the tops and flops of Qatar 2022

Ranking is one of the national sports. In the shower you review the soundtrack of your life, but also the list of trips you still want to do. You might be lathering up and thinking about the top three exotic dishes you’ve ever gobbled up, or you’re inspired and line up the worst rip-offs of all time, like High Fidelity’s Rob Fleming. The association with football then seems to lend itself naturally. With the world championship rolling out the end credits, it is impossible: Qatar 2022 gave away a congeries of tops and flops crystalline. To be contemplated both wet and dry.



Inevitable that the Lions of the Atlas place their elbows in first place. Raise your hand who would have bet a single penny on reaching the semifinal. Yet Walid’s team Thank you he holds a bachelor’s degree in very special effects and has begun picking at other people’s certainties. Animated by a immense Amrabat there in the middle – in Florence they are already rubbing their hands – driven by the desire for revenge Ziyech and from a spirit of monumental sacrifice, the Moroccans have widened their pupils in series. First they stop Croatia, then they prevail over Belgium and Canada. Anyone would have given them up against Spain, but they throw them out. Then they make CR7 cry. First African team in the semifinals, in the history of the World Cup. Stuff for strong hearts.

Morocco 1


THE Blue samurai they have come one step away from the feat. In the group with Spain and Germany, the room for maneuver was objectively narrow. The only contestable matter seemed to be the one with Costa Rica, were it not that the boys from the Rising Sun are going to lose against their more affordable opponents. Not bad, if you manage to defeat both the Germans and the red furies. Compact, airy, courageous: at times disarming for those who had declassified them as sacrificial victims. At home they have legitimately inconvenienced the companies of Holly and Benji. It truly felt like living in the pages of an anime for a few days. The defeat on penalties against semi-finalist Croatia restores the sense of the mission that was missed.



Boiled. Without a striker with a shot in the barrel. Too often at a disadvantage, therefore psychologically soft. Croatia blended the criticisms, sipped them and reached the semifinals shrugging their shoulders. Petkovic, Kramaric, Budimir and Livaja: all together they don’t make a Davor Suker anyway, but it does the same. Modric Has your ID card been crumpled? He cares and keeps shining. Behind it arose such a phenomenon Gvardiol. In between Kovacic, Brozo and Perisic continue to raise their voices. The goalkeeper flirts with other people’s penalty kicks. The group is cemented and the spirit indomitable: Croatia refuses to die. This is how you escort Brazil to the door. This is how you emulate the Russian campaign of four years ago. Crumbled against Argentina? A physiological drop in tension for a group that has been pulling the cart for four years.




They called it “Golden Generation”, but the sparkles have never been seen. The only real feat that deserves to be credited to Belgium is that they managed to win nothing with i Courtois hey DeBruynethe Hazards hey Lukaku. You needed some talent. After the stuttering success against Canada, sweaty beyond all logic for a team that should have torn the game apart, here is the clear defeat against semi-finalist Morocco. Two painful matches, only partially redeemed by the draw against Croatia, with Romelu devouring the unimaginable in front of goal. A frankly insufficient leap of pride. The vate Martinez leaves the company dry-mouthed. The next coach will inherit a disheartened group affected by lacerating internal quarrels.



There are very few certainties in life. One of them was being able to tell friends: “But then Germany always comes to the bottom”. Instead the flick team it even crumples in the group and is perhaps the dullest thud in the World Cup, in terms of size, history, caliber. It’s true: the Teutonic nursery hasn’t produced role-playing center forwards for a while. Even the item “bloody good full backs” is woefully lacking. It cannot be enough, however, to justify a debacle of this magnitude. A single defeat, the one against Japan, was enough to jeopardize everything. The roar against Costa Rica and the draw against Spain were useless. You can even lose a game – we know something about that – but not if your name is Germany and you play in the group stage. There are no longer the certainties of the past.



Who knows if at least when they climbed the ladder of the plane that sadly carried them away from the cup, they managed to stop dancing. In fact Brazil’s Tite he had partially gassed with all that will to live transferred to a green rectangle, all those offensive players that seemed too many, but then if you have the ball it’s already defending. Instead, after making the big voice in the group and in the round of 16, here is yet another stumbling block. There defeat against Croatia it is one of the most painful sports pages in recent green-gold history. Brazil that hasn’t lifted the cup for twenty years is a misfortune for anyone who feeds on football. Evidently, malice and balance were missing. Neymar has missed yet another opportunity to ascend to champion of his people. He hurts even more if you re-read the squad Select, a clique that could easily grab the final. Now there are rumors of a refresh to be entrusted to Ancelotti. It would probably be the best possible Christmas present.


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