World Cup in Qatar, Fifa would also have rejected the armband against Islamophobia

Not only the band in defense of the lgbtq community. Even a headband against Islamophobia, which would have been proposed by some Muslim nations on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar, would have been banned by Fifa.

This was revealed by Sky News. “Before the start of the tournament, Qatar, and some of the other Muslim-majority teams – a senior Qatari official explains to the British TV channel – were in advanced negotiations to ensure that players could wear armbands to raise awareness of the growing phenomenon of Islamophobia. When the armband proposal was finally discussed with FIFA, it was said that it violated FIFA rules and would not be allowed.”

“One Love” armband, what it is and why it can’t be worn at the World Cup in Qatar

Silvia Stellacci

According to the senior official, “the teams accepted the decision, but were disappointed that an important issue like this, which has a negative impact on millions of Muslims around the world, was not given a platform during the first Cup of the world hosted in a region with a Muslim majority”.

FIFA, notes Sky News, “declared that it was unaware of any proposal”.

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