World Cup in Qatar, Sportitalia journalist is groped by a girl live: “She just touched my cu**”

Everything is happening in Qatar during the World Cup: from Morocco surprising everyone by qualifying for the quarterenvoy that is groped live by a girl. Yes, it says sent and not sent.

It happened to Tancred Palmierisports journalist and correspondent for the program Sportitalia. During a live broadcast from Doha we see how a girl, who passes behind her, reaches out and touches his ‘b side’. Taken aback, Palmieri initially shows amazement but immediately after he starts laughing and, interrupting the connection, asks the girl to go back. While waiting for her he says to the presenter and the audience from home: “He just touched my ass”starting to laugh.

When the girl arrives, he asks her what her name is and which country she comes from, including her friend in the curtain. Between lots of laughter and a few flying kisses, the girls are liquidated and the connection continues as scheduled.

The gesture that aroused hilarity was immediately commented by the conductor in the studio: “Let’s remember what happened in Empoli-Fiorentina. Act to be condemned. There was a beautiful journalist, also very good, while she was making the connection a fan who was a bit vulgar put up his little hand. This time it was the other way around. This is news”, alluding to what happened a year ago a Greta Beccaglia.

There was certainly no lack of comments from the people of the web. Many have indeed commented on the incident wondering what would have happened if it had happened to a correspondent and whether the treatment received would have been the same. “Now what to do? Are we talking about violence?”, some ask, “then a man does it outside the stadium and they talk about violence against women”. There are even those who, exaggerating, write “Only that in this case the journalist liked it. But even the journalist would have liked it if the one who touched her ass had been someone else”. It is right to respect everyone’s opinions but sometimes some comments would be better to keep them to yourself. The fact is that fortunately the program’s Instagram page re-shared the video trying to defuse what happened and using the caption: “DON’T TOUCH MY…TANC”

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