World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic underwent a DDoS attack that sent gaming servers into a tailspin, creating unease and panic among gamers.

World Of Warcraft Classic has suffered a heavy DDoS attack that has sent several game servers offline, preventing access to some players. This was confirmed by Blizzard herself, who also said she was working to solve the problem and get the game back for everyone.

Some fans of World Of Warcraft Classic believe they have discovered who is behind the attack: a certain UkDrillas, who claimed him through his Twitter account, where he had given 3o minutes notice before the players started to see the appearing of mistakes.

Blizzard has not confirmed the identity of the cracker, or of the group to which it belongs. However, UkDrillas has promised new attacks and new inconveniences to the World Of Warcraft Classic servers. Who knows why he has so much with this game …

Obviously, on the official World Of Warcraft Classic forums, the panic scenes started, with many complaining that they can’t play. We hope that everything will return to normal soon.

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