World of Warcraft Complete Edition by Blizzard? The game appeared in the Microsoft store

Before the end of the year, another Blizzard game may be unveiled. Players came across a mention of “World of Warcraft Complete Edition”, which is probably not a big surprise, but the information was to be added to Microsoft’s digital store.

Blizzard has many internal problems that the corporation has to deal with, but we can be sure that developers are still developing games and add-ons. It is difficult to say what the next moves of the corporation will be, but one of the players came across “World of Warcraft Complete Edition” quite unexpectedly.

The appearance of an extensive World of Warcraft edition will probably not be a huge surprise for the faithful fans of the MMORPG world, but the data was thrown in a rather unexpected place.

A few days ago, Microsoft refreshed its store and players searched the source code of the site – this is where they found Blizzard’s production. “World of Warcraft Complete Edition” has been added to the “Coming Games” tab on, and the title is said to hit the market on December 9.

It is on this day that the next The Game Awards are taking place, so it is very possible that World of Warcraft Complete Edition will be revealed at this event.

We cannot be sure that World of Warcraft Complete Edition is actually coming, but as you know the title is experiencing a crisis, so maybe Blizzard will actually decide to release the production from its platform?

World of Warcraft Complete Edition as a surprise to Blizzard


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