World Smile Day: How to Have Whiter Teeth

Every first Friday in October, the celebration of World Smile Day reminds us how much happiness is good for body and mind. He was the first to say it Hippocrates. Then in the eighties, the American doctor Patch Adamsdisguised as a clown, he put it into practice by bringing “smile therapy” to hospitals. More recently, studies conducted by theBaltimore University have demonstrated the benefits of a good laugh: how muscle exercise, keeps the upper respiratory tract trained; increases lung exchanges with positive effects on cholesterol; makes you relax and even pass insomnia.

Julia Roberts smiling

Perfect teeth for Julia Roberts elected ambassador of the smile by popular acclaim (photo: Getty)

But laughing serenely has also become an aesthetic question: according to the images of advertising campaigns and social media, it seems, in fact, that to laugh carefree you need perfect teeth, like those of the stars.

Tom Cruise, for example, on Maverick’s smile in Top Gun he built an entire career. A bit like Julia Roberts who became, by popular acclaim, its global ambassador. In the 2000s, however, the singer and actress Hilary Duff, probably with some help from the dentist, he launched the fashion of the “tile-effect smile”. This appellation was used by American Academy of Cosmetics Dentistry precisely to indicate the boom of excavations, veneers and other professional treatments that began to spread in that period.

Today, after wearing masks for a long time, the fashion of the men is back grillz, smiles literally encrusted with diamonds and golden capsules to be applied temporarily on the teeth. The forerunner was Madonna who in 2013 was among the first to show off a golden grid to frame the teeth, now replaced by an even more precious one in diamonds and sapphires shown at Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to celebrate its first 64 years.

Then came Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian who just spent over 17 thousand euros to cover her teeth with diamonds.

World Smile Day: how to have white teeth

Miley Cyrus is also famous for her (perhaps too much) perfect CDs (Photo: Valerie Macon / Getty)

Miley Cyrus is also famous for her (perhaps too much) perfect teeth (Photo: Valerie Macon / Getty)

Today the dazzling smile trend continues, with and without grillz: professional whitening procedures account for one third of all aesthetic dental treatments required of dentists. Their demand grew by 24 percent compared to the pre-pandemic period. To confirm it is the Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology. There are many protocols. “The path I prefer to follow is home-based – he says Luca Ferrantinodentist in San Donato in the province of Milan – because the impressions of the teeth are taken to build masks to be applied at home, at night, together with a special gel; the results are safe and, above all, allow you to keep any dental sensitivity under control. The treatment, in fact, acts only on the chromophores molecules, breaking them and whitening them without affecting the structure of the tooth ».

Enhance your teeth and smile with lipstick

Hilary Duff enhances the whiteness of her teeth with a cool lipstick (Photo: Michael Tran / Getty)

Hilary Duff enhances the whiteness of her teeth with a cool lipstick (Photo: Michael Tran / Getty)

Make-up can make a difference too. Have you ever noticed that in the summer, with a tan, your teeth look whiter? It is the contrast between light and dark that makes them shine. A foundation of one or two more tones can help in this regard. As well as cold glosses and lipsticks, with a hint of blue. This color is, in fact, complementary to yellow, they cancel each other out. Make way for the nuances of purple, pomace and burgundy. Attention only if you have very angular features because these shades tend to further stiffen the features. But this is also very fashionable!

A dazzling smile can become the focus of make-up thanks to the overlining technique. This allows you to optically enlarge the lips with a simple pencil. Just apply it a few millimeters above the natural contour of the mouth. The important thing is that it is long-lasting. Astra Make-Up launched the Outline Waterproof Lip Pencil – he claims Daniele Batella, global senior make up artist of the brand -, a retractable pencil capable of releasing an intense and flowing line from the first stroke on the lips. The consistency of the texture is light and thin but its waterproof component guarantees maximum resistance“.

Discover the smiles of the most beautiful stars of all time in the gallery above!


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