World War 3 in the trailer. Poles intend to fight this year’s shooters and invite you to the game

Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite are not the only interesting shooters worth getting interested in at the end of 2021. The Farm 51 and My.Games invite you to the World War 3 beta and the latest material should be of interest to many players.

Shooter fans cannot complain about the lack of new games at the end of 2021, but The Farm 51 and My.Games want to take the opportunity and invite players to the World War 3 beta. The title will switch to the free-2-play business model next year, but already now players who decide to buy one of the packages can see the production.

You can get World War 3 from 12.99 euros, but the most expensive edition was priced at 4,400,000 euros. This is a “presidential bundle” that will only be awarded to one player. The creators announce its content with the following words:

“The Presidential Pack is available in one copy, which means no one else will ever buy it. It includes a unique replica of the iconic Ronin helmet, and the lucky wearer will also receive a starring role in World War 3! And this is not the end! The package owner will also receive a unique in-game avatar based on his image, a map based on his place of residence and the option of decorating the weapon with a unique golden skin. “

In this case, the player will become the main character of the World War 3 movie, receive a real replica of Ronin’s helmet, his town will appear in the game, and he himself will be scanned by The Farm 51 and will become one of the avatars.

However, if you do not intend to spend this amount, you may be interested in one of the packages:

World War 3 sets

Check out the new trailer inviting players to the beta.

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