Worldmaster Original Heritage – a watch designed by time

Let’s go back for a moment to the beginning of the 1950s. Before we move on to a certain extraordinary story, it is worth noting at this point that it is then that Poles can enjoy an Atlantic watch purchased in the country for the first time. In 1950, the first company showroom opens in Poland, offering timepieces famous at that time.

“Thought you’d like to know that” ..

Now let’s move to Oppdal, a small town and commune situated in the picturesque valleys of the Dovrefjell mountain range in the Trøndelag region of central Norway. The year is 1951. Knut Rolvsjord, who lives there, comes across a watch resting at the bottom of the lake. Most likely, it has been resting there for several years, but despite this – to the great surprise of the Norwegian – it still measures time flawlessly.

Intrigued by the finding of Knut Rolvsjord, he decides to send the watch to Switzerland and describe the unusual circumstances of its finding. “I thought you would like to know” .. – with these words begins his letter to the manufacturer of the Atlantic brand. The Atlantic Military Heritage watch turned out to be a reliable and extremely durable find.

Partner materials

The decades pass and the world is changing rapidly. Reliability and durability of products is no longer as obvious as it used to be, and therefore all the more desired and awaited. These features were characteristic of the watch found at the bottom of a Norwegian lake, the same features have been cultivated by the Atlantic company from the very beginning and they have inspired the current re-edition of the legendary model.

The rebirth of a legend

Worldmaster Original Heritage draws the best patterns from its prototype, the legendary model from the 1940s, whose stringent performance criteria are so much appreciated by us several decades later. The inspiration from tradition was reflected in the uncompromising durability and clarity of the dial, but the decades between the two models positively influenced its modernized appearance.

Lenticular, sapphire glass, minimalist, timeless, and at the same time modern design and fully luminescent, readable in all conditions hour indices are the main features of the watch, which has become a symbol of the heritage of time. The heart of the Worldmaster Original Heritage is the Sellita SW261-1 movement with 31 jewels. With a 38-hour reserve, the drive is renowned for its high level of accuracy and reliability.

We can choose from various color versions, the line will be available: green, gray and blue. In addition, the model comes with two leather straps. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer a belt with a classic or a butterfly clasp.

Worldmaster Original Heritage, as a product of the Atlantic brand, is distinguished by Swiss quality of workmanship. This is a guarantee that the watch will serve for years, with reliability that the designers of its original would not be ashamed of.

Trust built over time

Customer loyalty has been forged for years. The Atlantic brand has enjoyed unflagging popularity in Poland for many years. Timeless elegance and trust built over time – these two indicators of reliability have joined the company Atlantic and Krzysztof Hołowczyc, who has been supporting it continuously for 14 years with his person. Since 2007, he has been the ambassador of the Atlantic brand in Poland, and since 2009 in Europe.

It is unique from the point of view of contemporary, calculated ambassadorial cooperation and frequent image reshuffles. On the other hand, it is completely understandable, taking into account the aforementioned values, which have been guided by the Atlantic brand from the very beginning.

Thanks to this commitment to tradition, remarkable historical continuity and faithfulness to our ideals, supported by modern achievements, we can now enjoy the new Worldmaster Original Heritage model. It is not only the watch itself – with it we get the same guarantee of reliability and elegance that will not succumb to fleeting fashion, which our fathers and grandfathers could count on.

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