Would Amber Heard be the cause of Cara Delevigne’s condition? The accusation of the journalists

Amber Heard, the accusation arrives: is she the cause of Cara Delevingne’s condition?

Amber Heard it would be the cause of the precarious conditions in which the colleague and model currently lives Cara Delevingne. Delevingne was spotted a few weeks ago in very worrying conditions, smoking and walking barefoot on her cell phone at the Los Angeles airport. In fact, the woman has problems with drug addiction and depression, problems that she has been carrying on for years and that her own mother suffered before her. Some reporters, meanwhile, have allegedly pointed the finger at Amber Heard. The actress would in fact be the cause of Delevingne’s malaise, according to what the gossip journalist said Jessica Reed Kauss.

It is Amber Heard’s fault that these are Cara Delevingne’s conditions

It was rumored, in fact, that during Heard’s marriage to Johnny Depp (of which the film on the recent trial that took place between the two actors will soon be released), the two had a clandestine relationship. This is what the journalist Krauss says above all, admitting that the two women used to organize sexual parties with many billionaire men. These were parties organized especially by Heard, who used – among many other famous women – even Cara Delevingne herself to attract billionaire men to her parties. There is not enough evidence to confirm this and above all Cara’s involvement with her at parties, but there are photos in which the model is also immortalized at some parties, in very intimate attitudes with her friend and colleague. At these parties he used to use – or rather, abuse – of drugs and alcohol, substances that were the main problem for Cara, now completely addicted. So, according to Krauss, Amber Heard would be directly responsible for the physical and mental conditions of Cara Delevingne, who previously used drugs and alcohol.

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