WoW – Blizzard is back to the players, it has gone to update the race descriptions

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January 12, 2022, 20:55

The simpler and clearer descriptions of the playable races from World of Warcraft delighted players not completely. Partly because of the strange information about this role-playing game.


  1. Blizzard has visited official sections of the website World of Warcraft describing the playable races, which provoked a grudging reaction from some communities;
  2. Some fans are dissatisfied with the simplification of entries, others point out strange and inconsistent with the facts about the story.

The last few months have not been kind to the fans Warcraft (and his creators), even if you ignore their still unfulfilled mods for the return of the series to the RTS. In this context, the latest problem players have with WoW seems to be a minor, albeit an annoying part of the fans. It’s about updated side of playable races In World of Warcraftwhich have been greatly simplified. Thus, they were similar to the entries dedicated to the races allied with Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands

Some of the allegations concern this simplification. Yes, the new descriptions are clearer than the old ones, which definitely needed to be refreshed. Only that the previous section on the official website of the game allows you to learn at least a fragment of the history of each race, as well as separate references to the fictional one. Now the descriptions are minimalist and the information about the game world is in them like medicine. Some also miss the artists’ graphics from the old entries in the new ones, we can only find screenshots and models from WoW-and.

New race descriptions in WoW Zryrytowa

Old World of Warcraft description of people

New race descriptions in WoW Zryrytowa

and its revamped version. rdo: official website for World of Warcraft.

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However, some players were more visible strange information, seemingly inconsistent with the current plot theme. For example, on the pages of the night elves and the Forsaken, their capitals are listed: Darnassus and Undercity, respectively.

The problem is that the first of these locations was destroyed during the event preceding the expansion’s debut Battle for Azerothand the second in the introduction to this expansion. Perhaps, some people suppose it has to do with being able to visit these places in the game after going back in time, or although a much-stretched theory is a clue to the new content. Or we are dealing with a bug, although it seems doubtful, since the night elves section mentions an attack on the Teldrassil tree and thus the city of Darnassus.

Some fans also wondered that on the orc side, Thrall is not named as their leader, although from the de facto two additions he again represents the Greenskins in the Horde council. This, however, is easy to understand, because the entry itself explains, and there is simply no formal choice of a leader. Wowhead also points out that even in books (more specifically: St. Awakening of the Shadows by Madeline Roux) there is a suggestion that, without going too deeply into the plot details, the shaman is not at all sure if he wants to lead his compatriots again.

There are more problems or, if you prefer, curiosities. Such as if the description of the prophet Velen was considered by some to be a harbinger of a war between the powers of the world and the Shadow (let us ignore the fact that the same quote as on the new Draenei page appeared in the Cataclysm expansion over a decade ago). There is also no mention of Sylvan Bieywiatr on the website of the Abandoned, although it should not surprise anyone who follows the history World of Warcraft In recent years.

There were also those who made more interesting allegations about the selected descriptions. Especially goblinwhich seem to have something to do with Gringotts bankers.

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