Wreck of Shackleton’s Endurance ship found in Antarctica

Endurance is the name of the new SpaceX Crew Dragon shuttle and a term that refers to an incredible adventure: that of the ship Endurance 22. The mission in 1915 had the objective of crossing the South Pole on foot and by sleds. undertaking, that of Captain Ernest Shackleton which seemed within reach. On board the Endurance, 27 crew members and an army of sled dogs. The ship, however, was trapped in the ice. A vice that made it fall and remain for more than a century at 3,000 meters under one of the coldest stretches of sea on the planet. All the men on the expedition more than a century ago managed to abandon the ship before she sank. They had to heroically endure on a drifting block of ice for four months. An unexpected but epic undertaking. Lived and overcome without radios, without technical equipment, until help arrived. The 28 crew members were saved. They did so at minus 30 degrees below zero, on the pack ice and in the grip of winds.

All thanks to the Rover

107 years later, the Endurance22 expedition, organized by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, managed to identify and film the incredibly intact remains of the ship that inspired the dreams of many subsequent adventurers. One of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon space capsules was also named after the ship. Much of the three trees 44 meters long and found at 3,008 meters deep, has remained perfectly preserved in the cold Antarctic waters. To the point that it is still possible to read the name engraved in gold letters at the stern: Endurance.

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