#Write me again

The love story told in the novel by Cecelia Ahern arrived on the big screen in 2014 and now also on the small one: write me again is available on Netflix.

The plot of write me again

Rosie And Alex they are close-knit as only best friends can be, they always stand up for each other, they have no secrets and they share the joys and sorrows of being teenagers. Their life is already planned and includes the escape from Dublin to America to study and develop. They too feel that maybe what they feel is not just affection, but they don’t have the courage to tell each other blocked by fear.

As we know, things never go as planned, and life gets in the way with all its drawbacks, separating the two young people. Their relationship continues with letters, video chats, messages and emails, as the years go by and the two young protagonists have to deal with mistakes made and missed opportunities, waiting for a breakthrough that has perhaps always been at hand.

The review

The return of the quintessential romantic comedy, #Write me again is based on a best seller of the writer Cecilia Ahernalso author of the lucky PS. I love you and shows the audience how a single wrong choice can affect people’s lives for years by setting off a domino reaction that delays the arrival of happiness.

write me again

Friendship between men and women has always been an exciting theme on the big screen: Does it exist? Can it handle jealousies and sudden changes? Or, as happens here too, is a great teenage friendship just the antechamber of a deeper relationship?

Alex and Rosie don’t know it, they are young and unconscious, they feel the disruptive force that pushes them towards each other but fear always stops them for a moment before the truth comes out. They will pay for that silence in the following years through disastrous relationships, heartaches and all that life can arrange to break the heart. Only one constant remains intact throughout the story, the smile that overwhelms them when they meet and the absolute complicity of their relationship. Surely the director, for the first time at the helm of a comedy, updates the classic canon of the genre taking into account a society in constant contact thanks to social networks and rejuvenates the film by inserting numerous comic interludes (the actors in secondary roles are notable, especially the Rosie’s friend) and a lot of pretty blatant sexual references.

The cast of write me again

Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) And Sam Claflin (One love and a thousand weddings) are young, beautiful and incredibly close; the major strength of the film lies precisely in the great chemistry that the two protagonists have been able to bring to the screen, making the perennial emotional tension that surrounds them palpable when they are together.

#Write me again will enthrall fans of the genre, a bit unfamiliar with real romantic comedies, but it has the right appeal to attract the youngest, not very inclined to this type of film but attracted by the charm of the two protagonists.

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